The family of God.

Virtually everyone believes that 'Christ' is the Son of God, but virtually no one realizes that a son of man is actually a son of God! This is because our religious teachers have failed to realize that man and God, are synonymous. How can this be? Well…according to the scriptures, 'Adam' and God, were One and the same. Adam was God individualized, and Adam is the patriarch of humanity. The only difference between a 'Son of God', and a 'son of man', is their state of Mind. Enoch knew that he and God, were One and the same. In the Book of Jasher we read where God called Enoch to heaven that he might teach the sons of God in heaven as he had taught the sons of men on Earth. Jesus… who knew that He was a son of God, taught the sons of men on Earth that they too were sons of God, but none of them believed Him. (I ascend unto my Father and your Father and to my God and your God). It could be said that 'humanity' is the family of God, though virtually no one realizes this.

I asked an old Christian friend the other day if he could tell me why God created 'man', and he said he didn't know for sure. I told him that it was Gods way of creating God's! Children of 'men' are actually children of God, only we have never been made aware of this amazing Truth. That we might come to realize this, was the reason for His coming 2000 years ago, but no one got the message…not even His disciples! It was for this reason that He introduced the Spiritual Rebirth to humanity but our religious leaders have misconstrued that as well. They teach that He came to take upon Himself the sins of humanity, and to prove His love for us He died for us that we might live. But not so! He came to show us that 'we' (the person we believe ourselves to be) must die so that the 'Christ' might live…so that we might live AS the Christ! And we cannot effectively do so until we realize that God (the Father) is our reality. He is the "I", or the "I am" within us. Only when we realize this can we effectively function as God …as did He who was known as Jesus! The Worlds Churches have misconstrued the way of mans salvation (or in other words the Spiritual Rebirth.) Only when we realize and acknowledge the Father as our reality…as the "I" within us, can we 'enter' the Kingdom of God (can we attain God consciousness) Only as we function AS God, can we attain the Christ Mind. When we recognize and acknowledge that the 'Father', is the "I" within us, we begin to take upon ourselves the likeness of the Father…that likeness, is the Christ!

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