The Truth in a 'nutshell'!

Here is something that may inspire those who are longing to be filled with the Holy Spirit. May you all have a very beautiful Christmas and may the coming year see the whole World come to realize that in spite of our many differences, WE ARE ALL ONE!

We are told in the second verse of Genesis that 'the Spirit of God 'moved' upon the face of the waters. Which tells me that the only consciousness that existed in the beginning, was God's consciousness (So it was the Spirit of God (the consciousness of God) that gave being to Itself as 'man'.) Male and female created He them! Which means that the organisms known as 'man' ~ are nothing less than the 'Mind of God' individualized. Could Adam or Eve have been anything other than the Mind of God individualized? Creating the organisms known as 'man ~ was God's way of creating Gods! Through procreation ~ 'sons and daughters' of men are therefore capable of 'bringing forth' children 'after their kind'! Which means that 'children of 'men' ~ are nothing more ~ nor nothing less ~ than the Mind of God (the Spirit of God) embodied in a temple of flesh! The 'Consciousness of God embodied in a temple of flesh ~ is what a 'man' is ~ be we male or female! This is verified in Matthew 10-20, where Jesus is telling us that 'it is not ye that speak ~ but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you when you speak'! So you see ~ this person your parents created when they named you ~ is not WHO you are ~ but only who you THINK you are! The REAL 'you' ~ is the 'Spirit' of God (the consciousness of God) embodied! As it was in the beginning ~ so is it today! We (God) ~ are the same ~ yesterday, today and forever! With HIS perfection being 'our' reality!

And Jesus told us that 'God was the "I" within Him ~ that He was the Vine and that we are the branches. (I am the Vine ~ ye are the branches) He too was the 'Consciousness' of God embodied! Meaning that the Spirit of God gives being to us in like manner as a Vine gives being to branches. Meaning that we have no 'being' apart from the Vine! In fact ~ we are nothing more nor nothing less than living manifestations of the Vine! Thus are ALL men the 'Consciousness of God ~ 'Mind of God' embodied. Can you see now why it was so important that ALL should come to realize that we are all One ~ even as Jesus and the Spirit of God (the Father) were One?

Through the erroneous concept of the Virgin Birth, we have been led to believe that 'Jesus' was the One and Only One who is the Christ ~ when in fact every man / woman on Earth embodies the capacity to function AS the Christ. All we must come to realize in order for us to do so ~ is to realize, acknowledge and accept that the Spirit of God (the Father) ~ is the "I" within us! And as we walk AS the Father, (and choose to die to 'self' ~ the illusion) we take upon ourselves the likeness of the Father. It is that 'likeness' that is the Christ! Each of us was created to be the Christ ~ not just he that was named Jesus! The ONLY difference between 'Jesus' and the rest of us, is that He knew that He and the Father were One ~ whereas the rest of humanity has been led to believe that we are the 'person' our parents created when they named us at our birth! Mary did not give birth to 'Jesus' ~ she gave birth to the Spirit of God in the infant stage of development, and was told of an Angel of God to name Him 'Jesus'. The Virgin birth took place in Mary's consciousness, when she saw that her son and God ~ were one and the same! The Spiritual Rebirth is always a Virgin birth ~ a birth that takes place in the consciousness of whoever should see and acknowledge God as their reality ~ as the "I" within them! This 'understanding' is the precursor to the second coming of the Christ ~ to the World wide awakening that every 'man' on Earth embodies the capacity to be the Christ! It is what every man and woman on Earth was created to be! It was this that Jesus tried to get humanity to see some 2100 years ago ~ but no one got the message. It was why He said 'I am come that ye might have life ~ and that ye might have it more abundantly'! And what you see me do ~ ye can do also.

His message was so revolutionary that no one 'saw' it ~ not even His disciples! Nor did he who was known as Paul the Apostle! So there was no way they could pass it on to their 'readers'. They knew nothing about the Spiritual Rebirth ~ so they functioned ~ NOT AS THE SPIRIT OF GOD, but As the 'person' their parents created when they named them. This is why Paul always stated ~ I ~ Paul! Neither he (nor anyone else) had any idea that they were the Spirit of God individualized ~ making it virtually impossible to correctly interpret the teachings of Jesus!

ONLY when we 'see', acknowledge and accept the Truth ~ that we are ALL One ~ that the "I" within each of us is the Father, can we 'evolve' into the "Spirit of God"!

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