No person or no group...

No person or no group can plan the demise of another or others without setting in motion their own demise, for whether they know it or not there is a law in constant motion, that being the law of growth. As you sow, so shall you reap! In reality, there is no presence apart from or other than the Universal Mind (the Divine Mind) Every 'man/woman on Earth is that 'mind' individualized, that mind in action. And it functions as an infallible law. As we think, (as we sow) so shall we reap. This law responds to an individual's thoughts, or to group thinking. And whether we consciously realize it or not we are influenced by our history, our parents, our Spiritual leaders, our educational institutes, newspapers, radio, television and by our own personal observations of daily events. Yet we are for the most part, totally oblivious of what manner of beings we are. We are individualized manifestations of our Source of the Creative Mind of the Universe!

Whether we realize this or not, is immaterial. No one on Earth has any being of themselves. It would appear that we have, but this is not the case. Each of us is but an individual manifestation of this Universal Mind, and nothing has 'being' apart from this Mind! When 'we' think, we think it is 'us' that is thinking, but not so. It is this Universal Mind, this Universal consciousness that is thinking. It is a living organism, embodying every 'human' attribute! It can think, analyse, rationalize, reason, choose, contemplate, ponder or in other words function exactly as every 'man' on Earth is capable of doing. It is the whole. We are a miniscule manifestation of IT! Nothing exists apart from or other than this Mind. It is the "I" within each of us, the reality of each of us. It is that which 'thinks' when we think; only we think it is 'us' that is doing the thinking. Consequently .one could say that this Universal Mind has no option but to create as 'we' think. As we perceive ourselves to be! This 'mind' that I refer to, is the Divine Mind, or the Mind of God. It is Creative. Its thoughts are capable of 'becoming' a 'living' thing. As we think, so do we create. We (man) were made in its image and likeness. IT, is what we are. It is true that 'we are fearfully and wonderfully made'.

'Humankind' are like chickens with their heads cut off! Virtually no one has any idea that he/she is directly connected to the Mind of God, or that 'man' is in fact, nothing less than this Universal Mind individualized! We are individualized creative beings! So too is the Universal Mind capable of creating as an individual, only on a 'Universal' scale! We create a 'home', IT creates a 'Planet' i.e.: Planet Earth (the Garden of Eden.) Because we have free will to think as we perceive ourselves to be, and because we are ignorant of the fact that we are the Universal individualized, we have created all the beliefs that have divided us. Our thoughts are creative; they are living 'things'! Words are but expressions of our thoughts. They are Spirit and they are Life Jesus said! They become living things! Which takes me back to my opening paragraph. We cannot consciously plan the demise of another or others without setting in motion our own demise, for whether we know it or not there is a law in constant motion, that being 'the law of growth.' As we sow, so shall we reap! Inevitably, humanity will self-destruct!

Our governments spend billions of dollars promoting our diversity .our differences! Yet none of us has any being as the person we believe ourselves to be! To see ourselves as being British, French, American, German, Russian, African, Mexican, Greek, Arab, Jew, Aboriginal, Native, etc, etc, is the epitome of Spiritual ignorance! In reality each of us is nothing more, nor nothing less, than a unique and marvelous organism. An organism in which and through which the Source (the Divine Mind), can function in the World of form AS the Divine Mind! So each of us in ignorance of this is responsible for violating the laws of this great and marvelous Universal Organism. It gave being to us by becoming us, in order that each of us could share the glory of its creativity! But instead of functioning As the Source, as our Father (as did He who was named Jesus) we function as this 'person' our parents created when they named us. In our ignorance of being the Spirit of God individualized, and in our quest for self-aggrandizement, we are at the brink of seeing Divine Law do what it must do, in order to restore the image of this Planet to the image held in the Divine Mind prior to Its creation!

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