None of us...

NONE OF US has any being as the person our parents created when they named us at our birth. OUR NAMES ARE JUST OUR NAMES! The only thing that has being is LIFE! LIFE is the Source of All being, the reality of every living 'thing". Only LIFE has being, and LIFE did not give being to the 'person' you believe yourself to be. It gave being to the 'real you', to the "I" within you, but not to the 'person' you believe yourself to be. It was your parents that gave being to the person you believe yourself to be when they named you at your birth! LIFE gives being ONLY to "Itself". Every living thing is LIFE manifesting AS that thing. ONLY LIFE LIVES, and each of us is that Life embodied! LIFE, is 'what' we are, It is also 'who' we are, and its identity is "I". LIFE is that which is GOD! IT is that which is the reality of every "man" on Earth. IT, is the I AM within you, the REAL you!

Thus the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth!

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