We have failed to realize...

We have failed to realize that no 'man' on Earth (No 'John or Jane Doe') has any being! THERE IS ONLY GOD! Every one, is but a 'state of mind' ~ the 'product of their ancestral history! For generation after generation after generation ~ 'men' have functioned in an illusion! How could the Church have failed to see that we are all One and that God ~ is that One? Two plus two equals four ~ except when it comes to religion! In the Bible we read that 'God made 'man' in His image and likeness ~ male and female ~ in the image of God created He them'. Which means that both Adam and his 'helpmeet' Eve ~ were Gods in every sense of the word! Enabling them to function AS God in the World of form ~ with there being no difference between 'their minds' and the Mind of God! (God is the Universal Mind (the Divine Mind) with 'man' (male or female) being the Universal Mind individualized) So in fact ~ God and 'man' are ONE and the same ~ only 'man', is a visible manifestation of the invisible Source. So we can say that God gave being to 'man' by 'becoming' man. But virtually no one realizes this.

In the book of Matthew 25-34 we read ~ in as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. And still no one realizes that we are all One! As I said at the beginning of this article ~ each of us is the product of our ancestral history. In the beginning, there was only One language! But today we have those who take great pride in their 'perceived' Nationality. Virtually no one pays any attention to another well-known Bible statement. 'There is neither Jew nor Greek, bond nor free, male nor female ~ for ye are all one in Christ Jesus' (AS Christ Jesus) (God (the Father) is the "I" within us ~ and to function AS the Father, is to function AS the Christ!)

There is an upcoming meeting at the University of British Columbia where many dignitaries are gathering to honor the Dalai Lama in His quest for World Peace. None of them, (including the Dalai Lama) know what it will take to bring Peace on Earth. Virtually no one is aware that 'they' (as the 'person' they believe themselves to be) ~ HAVE NO BEING! There is ONLY God ~ the "I" within them! "HE" is the reality of every man/woman on Earth! And to function AS Him, is to function AS the Christ!

The Bible also tells us that 'Adam' named everything ~ and what Adam named every 'thing ~ was what every 'thing' would be known as. What our Spiritual teachers have also missed seeing is this. It was not 'Adam' that named every 'thing' ~ it was God who named every 'thing'! Adam ~ was only the name God named Himself! We read in Matthew 10-20 'When you speak ~ it is not 'you' that speaketh, but the Spirit of God within you that speaketh! This should substantiate what I have just said ~ It was God who named every 'thing'! For nothing or no one has being apart from or other than God ~ the Divine Mind! And as God 'became' him whom was known as 'Adam', so too is He the reality of every John/Jane Doe on Planet Earth. And did He not say (when He was known to the World AS 'Jesus') 'I am the Vine ~ and ye are the branches'? A branch is nothing other than an extension of the Vine that gave it being! Meaning that a 'man' can be nothing less (or nothing more) than God (the Vine) ~ the Divine Mind embodied!

It was not 'Jesus' that was the Vine, nor was it 'Adam' who named every 'thing'! God 'became' known As 'Adam' and God 'became' known AS 'Jesus' WHEN HE (GOD) WAS GIVEN THESE NAMES! Mary did not give birth to 'Jesus' ~ she gave birth to God in the infant stage of development! And she 'named' Him 'Jesus'! The same applies to every one of us! Only no one ever told us that we were God (the Divine Mind) embodied and that our names were just our names! We are to God ~ what 'Adam' was to God ~ and what 'Jesus' was to God! WE ARE GOD EMBODIED ~ PERIOD! (The Divine Mind individualized!) We are whatever we can imagine God to be! And as every 'thing' could bring forth 'organisms 'after their kind' ~ so too is it with 'man'! Through procreation, 'Adam and Eve', gave being to children AFTER THEIR KIND! Making children of 'men' ~ children of God in PERPETUITY! As I have said so many times ~ every 'human' child that has ever been born (or that ever will be born) on Planet Earth, is God in the infant stage of development! So there should be no conflict in stating that every man/woman on Planet Earth, is God (the Divine Mind) embodied ~ WITH NO JOHN OR JANE DOE, having any 'being '! We don't have any being as the person we believe ourselves to be ~ there is ONLY GOD ~ the Source! ONLY AS GOD DO WE HAVE BEING! ("I" and my Father ~ my Source ~ are One!) And through faith in this belief, every one or anyone, can function AS God (As the Father), as did He who was named and known as 'Jesus'!

Our names have hidden our true identity ~ our I am that I am identity! A 'man' ~ is what God is! Or in other words GOD ~ is what every man/woman on Earth is! He is the "I" within us! Only few have ever become aware of this stupendous Truth ~ so virtually 'every one' functions AS the person their parents created when they name them! THUS THE NECESSITY OF THE SPIRITUAL REBIRTH! Only our salvation does not come about through the concept of the Spiritual Rebirth as promoted by the Evangelical Religions of the World! Only as we function through faith, in the belief that God is the "I" within us ~ can we attain a consciousness of Oneness ~ the Christ Mind ~ enabling us to experience the transfiguration and the ascension! Only in this realization lies man's Eternal Salvation! Only then can we understand why Jesus said in Matthew 23-9 ~ 'call no man your father upon the Earth, for one is your father which is in heaven!' Not only is God our Father ~ 'He' is also our Mother! (Male and female created He them) We are Gods by birth! Children of 'men' ~ are Gods by birth! (God did indeed 'make us in His image and likeness', but He did not create the 'person' we believe our selves to be ~ our parents did that when they named us!) The 'person' we believe ourselves to be, is but the illusion in which the whole of humankind functions to this day! We are ALL ONE, and that One, is God ~ our Source! Call IT or 'Him' what you will! Only when this is seen and acknowledged by every one, will there be Peace on Earth. Either we acknowledge our relationship to each other, or perish through our reluctance to acknowledge God (the "I" within us) as our reality! Regardless of our color, religious beliefs, our language, culture or perceived Nationality ~ we are ALL ONE ~ and God ~ our Source ~ our Father ~ the "I" within us, IS THAT ONE!

How could we ~ the most intelligent creatures on Earth have failed to see this? That we might come to realize this was why He gave us what we know as the Lords prayer ~ that Gods 'Kingdom' might 'come' on Earth as it is in Heaven. (That we might function on Earth AS God!) It was also His most ardent desire that we should realize that man and God were One, that caused Him to pray ~ that 'they may be One, even as we are One'!

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