My 'Spiritual' background.

At a 'Youth for Christ' meeting in 1953 I accepted 'Christ' as my personal savior as per the understanding of the spiritual rebirth as taught by the Church. I did, with all sincerity, live as the Church expected of its adherents and members, and without a doubt I felt that I was one of them. Still, I felt there must be more to the Christian way of life. I was not completely satisfied with the teachings of the Church. I was genuine in my beliefs but, at testimonial meetings I was unable to declare, as others seemingly could, what the Lord meant to me, how He had blessed me, how I loved Him etc., etc., without feeling like a hypocrite. However, I simply carried on as the leaders of the faith directed, only to discover that there was indeed more... MUCH, MUCH, MORE.

I made the amazing discovery that "I and God (the 'Father') were One." To say that I was astounded is a mild description of how excited I was. I knew that this was indeed a Truth that the Church had missed. (A branch is the presence of the Vine; man and God are One. how could the Church have missed it!) I felt that I had made the discovery of all discoveries and hoped to share it with my fellow believers, only to find that instead of rejoicing with me they considered me a heretic and a blasphemer, and wanted nothing to do with what I had to say. So I quit the Church. Everything I said then and everything I say now, can only draw you into a closer walk with God... with your Creator. It was obvious to me that the Spiritual rebirth as taught by the Church could not create in anyone a 'Consciousness of Oneness'. Only when I discovered that man and God were One... One and the same, did I realize that we could walk As God! Not just walk 'with' God ... but walk As God ... as the Church said we should.

If the disciples, who walked with Jesus, ate with him, etc., could not understand him as he spoke of his relationship to God, (of man's relationship to God,) how can we expect Humanity in general to comprehend it. Seeds do not germinate immediately; it takes time! In like manner it takes time for the significance of the truth, that man and God are one, to ' take root' in our consciousness. Only as we realize that man and God are one, can we 'walk' as that One (as God), made possible through the 'Spiritual Rebirth'... the Real Spiritual Rebirth! Through the realization that the "I" within us is the Father!

It is written, 'let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. We cannot attain 'Christ consciousness' without first realizing that the "I" within us is God (the Father), for the Christ Mind is simply the Divine Mind, (the Universal Mind) personified. The 'Christ Mind', is the 'fruit' of that awareness, the fruit of the Spiritual Rebirth!

As no one was interested in what I had to say I decided I must 'put it on paper'. It was not an easy subject to explain, especially with little help from anyone I knew. The only place I could turn for understanding was 'within'. I laid claim to what was to me, a particularly meaningful scripture, James 1:5. 'If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally and up-braideth not, and it shall be given to him. But, let him ask in faith, nothing wavering'. I never ever asked for any 'thing' during my meditations, only for enlightenment and understanding, and I can say without equivocation that time after time after time I received the answers to my questions. They came intuitively and without fail, and formed the 'substance' of this book. Nothing I have written will separate you from God. Everything I have written can only draw you closer to 'Him'. As I said at the beginning of this chapter pertaining to 'born again' Christians, that I was 'one of them', only now, I can proclaim it with conviction and authority, for now I realize that 'I and the Father... are One'!

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