I listened to a Minister tell his congregation...

I listened to a Minister tell his congregation that what Jesus taught was over the heads of His disciples. They were unable to walk on water or feed the multitudes because of their lack of faith in God. What they lacked to me, was their lack of faith in their own inherent creative capacity. They lacked the awareness of being the Spirit of God individualized! They placed their faith in a God separate and apart from themselves. I felt that I must respond, so here is a copy of my letter to him. To me, the mystery of the creative power embodied in man is as much over your head as it was over the heads of Jesus' disciples. God's creative power indwells each of us, for He made us in His image and likeness. (Or do you not believe that?) It lies in us having faith in the belief that God is the "I" within us, and by 'walking' in that consciousness! Did He not tell His disciples that 'with' God, all things are possible?

To walk 'with' God, is synonymous to walking AS God! (Think about it) The Bible tells us that Enoch walked 'with' God, and He transcended. Noah walked 'with' God and God spared him and his family. And Jesus walked 'with' God and He too transcended. But more than that, He walked AS God, and therein lay His power to heal, feed the multitudes, raise the dead, give sight to the blind and walk on water!

AS God, all things are possible! Only 'humanity' is unaware of the fact that 'man' is God embodied! This was what He couldn't get His disciples to see. And this is why so called 'born again' Christians are so impotent! They are totally oblivious of the fact that God is the "I" within them (As were His disciples)

Think on this. If our religious leaders had only looked back to the creation of Adam and Eve, we might have realized our relationship to God from our childhood. God gave 'being' to 'man', by 'becoming' man. Male and female created He them! And He named them 'Adam' and 'Eve' He made them in His image and likeness, by 'being' what they were. ("God's" were what they were!) He made them in such a manner that they could, through procreation, give being to children 'after their kind'! Children who could reproduce 'after their kind', IN PERPETUITY! If we had only realized that children of men, were actually children of God by 'birth', what a difference this would have made in our thinking. Adam nor Eve had no idea that they were God embodied. But what magnificent 'beings' they must have been before their fall. It was after the 'fall' of 'man', that man became known as a 'human' being.

Every 'person' on Earth (every 'man' on Earth), embodies the capacity to function AS the Father. This is because the Father is the "I" within us. But virtually no one is aware of this. It is this realization that initiates the Spiritual Rebirth, enabling us, through faith in this realization, to function AS the Father (to function as the Christ), for the Christ, is but the 'person' of God personified. And we cannot 'personify' the Father until we start to function AS the Father!

No one may ever attain the level of God consciousness that Jesus did, but by no other means can we walk in God consciousness. Only as we walk AS the Father can we hope to do the things (or greater things) than He did.

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