In my meditation this morning...

In my meditation this morning, I saw a little more of the significance of the Spiritual rebirth. It is actually the beginning of our transfiguration! It sets our transfiguration in motion. 'Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind'. This 'transformation begins as a 'mental' transformation. A transformation in our beliefs! Transformed from believing ourselves to be 'physical beings, to realizing that we are Spiritual beings! Our transfiguration begins with the realization that we are not this 'person' our parents created when they named us at our birth! The "I" within us, is the Father! We are the Father individualized! God individualized! But it takes so long for us to realize that this is the truth, that by the time we do realize it, we have grown old. When we first see that God is the "I" within us, we must begin as little children to walk the walk and not just talk the walk! The disciples just talked the walk. (Which I too have been guilty of doing) Peter couldn't walk on water because he did not believe he could! He still saw himself as being 'Peter', the big fisherman! He saw Jesus do it, but he did not believe that he could do it. Whereas Jesus saw Himself as being the 'Spirit of God' embodied, and that 'as God, all things are possible'. He did not see Himself as being a physical being! He knew He was nothing less than the Spirit of God embodied! And through His faith in that belief He walked on water, and moved about as a 'Spirit'! Adam was nothing less than the Spirit of God embodied, but he saw himself as being a physical being as well. And that is what the whole of humanity believes as well. This is why we think that we cannot do the things that Jesus did. (OH WE OF LITTLE FAITH!) We have failed to realize the significance of being the Spirit of God individualized! We think we are 'physical beings'! And so we haven't dared to even attempt to walk as 'Spiritual' beings! And until we do, we shall continue to die as men!

When I first saw that man was God individualized, I remember asking my self, could it be possible that I could be God but just never realized it? Then I realized that a branch had no being apart from the Vine. If God is the Vine, what else but God could the branch be? Now I ask my self, could it be possible that we can walk on water as Jesus did? And could it be possible that we can also ascend into the heavens as a bird? Would He have said that we would have Dominion over the fowls of the air and the fishes of the sea if it were not so? Did He not make us in His image and likeness? The Holy Spirit and the Father are One and the same. And the Holy Spirit (the Father) personified is the Christ. So in reality, it is the Holy Spirit that is the "I" within us. And the Holy Spirit is not subject to the laws of matter. When we function As the Father (As the Holy Spirit) we too will walk on water and ascend as eagles into the heavens.

Jesus moved about as a 'Spiritual' being. We continue to move about as 'physical' beings! We read where it says that God is a Spirit. We also say (when we see that God is the "I" within us) that I and the Father are One, and yet fail to realize that 'that' is what we are also! We have no 'being', apart from the Spirit of God! If God be a Spirit, then 'man' must also be a Spirit. Did He not make us in his image, after His likeness? Is the branch of different 'stuff' than the Vine? I believe we have failed to realize what it is to 'be' God. Is a Spiritual being subject to physical laws? Is God any different in the Spiritual realm than He is in the world of form? Would Jesus be? No. He was God while on Earth and He is God where ever He might be! We will transcend when we realize there is nothing keeping us from doing so except our beliefs, no matter what realm we are in, and we will walk on water when we realize that as Spiritual beings we are not subject to the laws of matter!

Some forty years ago I was quite familiar with the Maharishi Mahesh Transcendental Meditation group. They were very much into meditation. At initiation, their converts were given a secret word called a mantra, which they were to repeat over and over. The resulting 'vibrations' this word was supposed to create in our bodies, was meant to raise the vibrations of ones body. The idea was to raise one into God 'vibration'. (Into God Consciousness) And after one became a proficient meditator, they could advance to a higher level of vibration (for a price) enabling the meditator to levitate. This became a big thing and they promoted it by showing films of devotees bouncing up and down three or four inches on padded mats, claiming that they were actually levitating. The few that I knew personally did not attain God consciousness. They talked about God, but they did not function As God! They were still very much the person they were prior to their many hours of meditating. Never did I hear one claim that they functioned AS the Father. (As Jesus said, 'except a man be born again, he can not 'enter' the Kingdom of God'.) Only when we acknowledge God (the Father) as the "I" within us, can we attain the Christ Mind! And only AS the Father, can we realize that we are truly Spiritual beings.

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