Man is no longer a Glory to God.

I mentioned yesterday, that Religion has literally become a curse upon the Planet! I believe it was China's Mao Tsetung, who called religion the opiate of the masses. If we care to think about it, we would have to say he rightly described it. Even Jesus has described many religious 'men' as 'hypocrites'! I do not believe there is a religion on the Planet that realizes that 'man' (male or female) is actually the Spirit of God (the Father) individualized! (Or in other words, God embodied!) Jesus was one who was fully aware of this! So aware that He 'thought' As God; 'spoke' As God, and functioned AS God! In that consciousness, He became known as the greatest man on Earth! And only when men such as He govern the world, can we expect Peace on Earth to 'top' government agendas! As it is today, every government on Earth is led and comprised of, individuals who have virtually no idea that they are the Divine Mind... individualized! Virtually ever 'man' on Planet Earth functions AS the 'person' their parents created when they named them at their birth! (In a 'me first' consciousness) And, (in my opinion) absolutely on one in authority of any territory or Country on Earth functions in God consciousness, or in other words, in a consciousness of ONENESS!

I spent a couple of years as an 'alderman' in a tiny village. Even there I discovered that when a person was elected to a 'public' office, they quickly took upon themselves the attitude that they were destined to rule! And the thing that surprised me most of all, was the fact that I knew more about 'practical' things than most of the other members on council. It was only then that I realized that such is the case with every level of government; be it a village, or a city, a Province or a State, or the highest government in the land! Many do not qualify to govern! In most cases, their ego will eventually drive their agenda. And so we have a World in turmoil. But how could one who functioned in the Christ mind, lead a government, without a like minded body of men as his subordinates? So it is not too difficult to see that the World is far from ready to accommodate such a government! Before such a government could come to power, the consciousness of the World must be drastically changed! And that change can only begin in our religious institutions!

Jesus knew that 'man' and God were One. But no one believed Him when He tried to get His disciples to see that they were no different from Him. Even Peter failed to see that he too was potentially the Christ, when Jesus asked Him, 'Whom do 'you' say that I the son of man, am"? Peter saw that 'Jesus' was the Christ, but failed to see that he too embodied the capacity to be the Christ as well! And it was upon this truth, (that every man or woman on Earth embodied the capacity to be the Christ) that prompted Jesus to say 'and upon this rock (this Truth), I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it'. But His disciples failed to see it; nor has the Church ever seen it! How did they miss it? Because virtually no one has ever realized that God did indeed make man in His image and likeness! Virtually no one has ever discovered that God is the "I" within them! And even today the Church refuses to believe that this is true! Through their concept of the Spiritual rebirth, it is IMPOSSIBLE for any one to see that every 'man' on Earth (male or female), is actually God embodied (a 'son' or 'daughter' of God!) So you can see how far we are from forming a government of 'Christ' minded men!

God (the Father), is the "I" within us! Within every one of us! It is this TRUTH that we must accept through faith. It cannot be otherwise! God did indeed 'make us in His image and likeness', but He did not create the person we believe ourselves to be! Our parents did that when they named us at our birth! Thus the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth! And then, through faith in the belief that "God is the "I" within us", we can indeed function As the Father (As Jesus did) But this must be seen, accepted and taught by renowned men of the Worlds Churches, not by an unknown automobile salesman.

But Religious World leaders have big egos. Should a religious leader introduce this to his / her congregation, they would likely to be ostracized by their following. Few would want to risk losing their exalted status, never mind their personal security. (And how much have you (the readers of this site) promoted this message?) To choose to 'walk As God', is to choose to die to self! (All 'men' have egos) And besides, it is more popular to 'worship' God than it is to 'walk' as God! When Jesus said 'If the World hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you'. Most people are quite proud of who they believe themselves to be... especially those in positions of authority. So as I have said, the change will have to come through Divine intervention, for much of humanity has become a destructive, greedy and selfish 'plague' upon the Earth rather than a Glory to God.

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