I agree with the religious leaders...

I agree with the religious leaders of the World, that the Bible was written by men of God; by righteous God fearing men. But, it was written by men, who 'thought' AS men! Not by men who thought AS God! Every so-called 'human being' on the Planet, is God embodied. (He made us in His image and likeness). Every child that has ever been born on planet Earth (or that ever will be born on Planet Earth), is God in the infant stage of development! It was this that the Holy Spirit revealed to Mary. (When the Holy Ghost came upon her) She experienced the Spiritual Rebirth! She saw that man and God were ONE! She saw that 'man' was God individualized! It was this she taught her son! It was through His faith in what His Mother taught Him, that inspired Him (Him whom we know as Jesus), to 'walk AS the Father'! That is what set Him apart from the rest of humanity! He functioned AS the FATHER! The rest of humankind, functioned (and still are functioning) as the person their parents created when they named them! And nothing has changed! The World today, is still run by men who think AS men, and not by men who think AS God! The Church has failed to 'realize' that a 'man/woman', is God individualized! And as a consequence they have failed to bring enlightenment to 'mankind'!

The Church has never discovered that God (the Father), is the "I" within us! Within each of us! The concept of the Spiritual Rebirth that they promote will NEVER bring about this awareness; will NEVER bring about a consciousness of Oneness! Only when we 'see' and acknowledge God as our reality, and choose to function AS the Father, can we KNOW we have been 'born again'. Only then can we see (with our understanding) that we are God individualized! Nor have they ever discovered that the 'person' our parents created when they named us at our birth, is the SATAN they warn us to beware of! And the World we see around us; the World that is in such turmoil today, is the 'product' of such thinking! Since the 'fall' of the sons of God, the 'affairs' of the World have been in control of men who function AS men. Not by 'men' who function AS God; not by men who function for the good of the whole, but by men who function for the benefit of the 'self'! To put it bluntly, the world we see today, is the product of a 'me first' society! The product of the 'Satanic' mind!

We see Humanity as being a mixture of 'men' of different cultures, different colors, different languages, etc. Yet we fail to realize that each individual, embodies the capacity to function AS God! Only they have NEVER been made aware of this amazing truth. The "I" within each of them is GOD! Children of men, are children of God! But virtually no one has ever realized this! It was Jesus most avid desire that all of humanity should realize this. It was His prayer that 'they all may be One, as thou Father art in me and I in thee'! But humanity will not listen.

They listened to Enoch and His son Methuselah, and there was peace on Earth for roughly a 1000 years, but because 'men' love darkness rather than light, they fell back into their old ways. They would not listen to Noah and God destroyed them with the flood. Once again, they began to populate the Earth and once again they lived 'unto' them selves. Again came God, disguised as 'Moses', to once again free them from slavery. (Once again they lost the awareness of being Gods). And again they chose to live unto themselves. And once again God came into the picture through the 'Virgin Mary'! She experienced a Spiritual rebirth (when the Truth (the Holy Spirit) came upon her!) She saw that man and God were One! And as a result of her revelation, she taught this to her 'forth coming' child from His birth. And through His faith in what His Mother taught Him, He chose to 'walk' As God (as the Father) He did not come to take upon Himself the sins of humanity, He came as 'Jesus of Nazareth', to once again show humanity what manner of beings 'human beings' are! But they chose to crucify Him and pardon a murderer instead.

And nothing has changed! Man is still God embodied! Should we 'see' this, and choose to 'walk AS Him', (As the "I" within us) and die to 'self', we need never die! But should we reject Him as our reality and continue to live in our John Doe identity, (we are free to do so) we shall surely die! (Should we reject Him as being our reality, we are as guilty of crucifying Him, as were they who called for His crucifixion some 2000 years ago! Now, let us look at John 3-16 from this perspective. 'For God so loved the World, that He gave His only begotten son (Himself. the Father), that whoever should believe in Him (AS Him), would not perish, but would have everlasting LIFE! This is Gods Eternal promise to mankind! This humanity has failed to see.

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