Re: Lanyon's booklet.

Last night I thought of what Walter Lanyon said about the power of prayer in his booklet 'Leaves of the tree'. He inferred that we could influence the World by keeping our thoughts focused on functioning in the Christ Mind. (If we should function in this consciousness). I too believe that it would have a positive effect on the World, but I also remembered what Jesus said that would make it highly unlikely for it to become accepted universally. "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God". This is so certain, that it verges on being a Divine law. It is virtually impossible for the wealthy to give up their wealth for the good of the whole. This is why I maintain that it will require Divine intervention to rid the World of human ego and greed. Virtually no one will relinquish their position, their wealth and their power for the benefit of the World. And to me the greatest motive for holding on to our wealth and power is our failure to realize that there is an alternative to physical death.

Virtually the whole World believes that we all will die physically. They are not aware of the fact that all we need to do to attain the Christ Mind, is to die to self... to the illusion that we have 'being' of ourselves. There is not a 'man or woman' on Earth who has any being as the person his/her parents created when they named them at their birth! The ONLY ONE who has 'being', is the Father…the "I" within us! Each of us is but the Father manifesting AS A MAN! It is my belief that if we knew this, and functioned AS the Father…as the Eternal I am, (as Jesus did), we would never die!

But because humanity does not believe that man is the Eternal embodied, it is extremely unlikely that anyone will choose to die to self in order to function AS the Eternal I am…As the Father. We die as men, because we choose to live as men. Only as we choose to function AS the Father, can we experience His Eternal Reality! The more time I spend on contemplating this issue, the more convinced I become that it is only common sense! Not only will our 'consciousness' be transformed by the renewing of our minds, but so too will our bodies, for our bodies also are 'mind' manifesting. All is Mind! The 'Mind of God', is the substance of all form! As we walk in this 'light', our bodies will also be transformed…transformed from manifesting as temples of flesh into temples of Light, enabling us to transcend into the Heavens as sons and daughters of God in every sense of the Word! This was Gods purpose for creating 'Man'! That we should 'be' what He created us to be!

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