An observation re the book of Jonas.

To get a better understanding of the book of Jonas, one must read the entire twelfth chapter of the book of Matthew, and the 16th chapter of the book of Luke. From what I can gather, what Jesus was saying, was that 'if one who was raised from the dead (as Jonas was) and did not change his ways, it isn't likely that it would change the hearts and minds of sinful and adulterous people! They might even be worse than before such a miraculous event took place. And the generation of His day, could be no different than the present generation. I have thought that if someone should attain the transfiguration and the ascension, it may cause millions to repent and seek salvation. This is not necessarily the case. If being raised from the dead does not cause one to change his ways, seeing someone transcend will not necessarily do so either.

I liken the men of Nineveh to the peoples of the World, and the Queen of the South might mean those of other faiths. Those of Nineveh repented at the teaching of Jonas, and the others sought the Wisdom of Solomon But Jesus said, ' a greater than Jonas is here, and a greater than Solomon is here'. To whom was He referring? To God…to the Father…to the "I" within himself, and to the "I" within everyone else on the face of the Earth. To the reality of every One and every 'thing'! To the triune God! Did He not stretch forth His hand and say, "Behold my Mother and my brethren."

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