Our relationship to God...

In St. John 1: 4, we read this pertaining to God, "In Him was life, and the life was the light of men."

Our relationship to God, is somewhat like the relationship of a battery to a light bulb. The stronger the battery, the brighter the light. God's Life is the battery, and we are the 'light bulbs'. The stronger our faith is in the belief that God is the "I" within us, the 'brighter we will shine'. Literally! (We read in Matthew 17), Jesus was transformed before them, and His face did 'shine as the sun'. There was no doubt whatsoever in His mind that He and God (the Father) were One! We read in the Book of Jasher, where Enoch 'walked with' God. And I have said, that to walk 'with' God, is to walk As God. 'And the sons of men were greatly afraid of Enoch, and they feared to approach him on account of the God like awe that was seated upon his countenance'. Further proof that the more aware we are of being the Father individualized, the 'brighter we will shine'.

Jesus told us to let our light so shine that God might be glorified (Mat.5: 16) and in Mat. 13: 43 He says that 'then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun'. The closer our walk with God, the more we will radiate His 'presence'. His light! When we come to believe without any doubt that He is the "I am" within us, we set in motion our own transfiguration. It is at this point in our 'evolution', that we can speed up the process by decreeing our Oneness as a fact. We know that God is synonymous with Light, and believing that He is the "I" within us, proclaim that belief by decreeing that so too am "I" the Light of the World"! This sort of affirmation can only hasten and strengthen our faith. And the stronger our faith, the more powerful the 'battery' and the 'brighter' the Light! The more aware we are that God's Life, is 'our' life, (or that 'our' Life, is God's life) the 'brighter' our light (His light) will shine! (But don't concern yourself about how 'bright' your light is. Concern your self with strengthening your realization of being One with your Source.) You are the Source embodied! Concern your self with that realization! Aspiring students will put all their efforts into achieving their academic goals. What attainment could compare with experiencing the transfiguration and the ascension? THEY ARE ATTAINABLE GOALS! We need only give it one hundred percent of our attention!

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