...a thousand piece 'jigsaw' puzzle.

In the past we have, at Christmas time, bought a thousand piece 'jigsaw' puzzle. Just something to occupy our time for a day or two. Life is somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle. Is there a reason why we are here? What is the purpose for our existence? Who am "I" any way? Where was I before I came into being? Is there really Life after death? Have "I" been here before? What are we here for? These and many other questions go through our minds. Most of us will encounter some religious philosophy and many of us will be persuaded to follow some religious teaching. In the Middle East, the predominant religion is Islam. In the Far East, it might be Buddhism or Hinduism. In much of the so-called Western World it is some form of Christianity. Catholicism or some offshoot of Catholicism! And the main source of enlightenment in the Western World is of course the Holy Bible. And for the Jews, (Judaism) it is the Torah or the Talmud. For the Muslim World it is the Koran. In the Far East they follow the teachings of Buddha, and perhaps in India the predominant religion is Hinduism, or Sikhism. At any rate, there are millions of adherents to these religious beliefs. There are now adherents to any one of these religions in virtually all parts of the Planet, with most religions studying the Holy Bible as well as their predominant books of learning.

The amazing truth about the Bible is that every religion on Earth can find in the Bible, verification for their teachings! We could say that we ' take from the Bible, what we take to it'! We can find verification in the Bible, for virtually every faith; for the main purpose of any of the major religions is to seek a way to co exist with our fellowman! So in other words most religions are 'evangelical' in nature, with every religion constantly seeking for converts to their faith. With every religion believing that their teachings, are best for the whole of humanity. So here I go, telling the World that 'Christianity' alone embodies the way of salvation for humanity! But not the 'Christianity' that is being 'practiced' by the 'Christian Churches' of the World! They are as much to blame for the problems that plague humanity, as are all the other religions! And I base this on what I discovered some 48 years ago! When I first saw that man was God embodied. When I saw that the 'branch' could be nothing less than God (the Vine) manifesting! It was this I took to the Bible. It was proof of this that I was searching for! I never expected to learn the secret of Spiritual Healing. I never dreamt that my thoughts would be discussed in the Vatican, nor did I ever expect to discover the key that would enable us to attain the Christ Mind!

Christianity, is the ONLY religion (to the best of my knowledge) that teaches us how to overcome physical death! BELIEVE IT OR NOT! Yet 'Christianity' has failed to find the key that makes this amazing truth a reality! And the key that makes this 'Truth' possible, lies in the realization that 'man' (male or female) is a physical manifestation of the Eternal Creator of the Universe! God did indeed 'make 'man' in His image and likeness'! And this means every 'man' on the face of the Planet! But no one can partake of Gods Eternal reality without the realization and acknowledgement that God (our Source) is the "I" within us! Within EACH OF US, regardless of our faith, our color, our language, our culture, or our perceived Nationality! WE ARE ALL ONE, and that ONE, is God, our Source! (Call it what you will) This is not a 'belief' (a religion), but what we were created to be! He made us in His image and likeness, so that we might function as He did some 2000 years ago. How could He have made us in His image and likeness, without endowing us with the capacity to partake in His Eternal Reality?

It was not 'Jesus' that Mary gave birth to! She gave birth to God (the Father) in the infant stage of development! Every 'human' child that has ever been born on Planet Earth (Or that ever will be born), is God in the infant stage of development! HUMAN BEINGS ARE GODS BY BIRTH! Believe it or not! It's what 'man' is, (male or female)! And all that is necessary to enable any one of us to function As God, is faith in the belief that God (the Father) is the "I" within us! That is how simple it is! Except we become as a little child, we cannot 'enter' the 'Kingdom of God He said'. For the 'Kingdom of God', is but a State of Mind, a state of awareness, a state of Knowing that God is the "I" within us! (All that a 'man' is, is the Divine Mind (the Mind of God) embodied!) ALL IS MIND! There is ONLY the Divine Mind! The 'persons' we believe ourselves to be, are but 'states of mind'. (Created when our parents named us at our birth). Thus the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth! A 'birth', which can only be 'set in motion', (conceived) with the realization that God is the "I" within us! A 'birth' that takes place in the consciousness of whoever should 'see' that God is the "I" within them. Each of us, is the Eternal Divine Mind Individualized. So, as we function in this consciousness, how could we be any less than that which we are; than that which God is; than that which is Eternal?

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