Jesus taught us, what His Mother taught Him.

Jesus taught us, what His Mother taught Him. Who else but His Mother would have taught Him? Does not the Mother of virtually every species teach the young? The role that Mothers play in our lives has been grossly overlooked. What could be more precious in ones life than a loving and caring mother? All our attention on the way of salvation, has been focused on Jesus' teachings, but very little has been said about the One most likely to have molded His Life... His Mother!

Mary... the Mother of Jesus, is held in very high esteem in Catholicism. Through their concept of the Virgin Birth, the World has come to look upon Jesus as being the One and only begotten Son of God. This is unfortunate, for it is their concept of the Virgin Birth that has thrown off the followers of Christianity. Every person on the Planet (if they all spoke the English language) would proclaim their relationship to their Source when giving their opinion on any subject. Virtually everyone would begin by saying, "In my Opinion... I think", then give their opinion. Which means only one thing...WE ARE ALL ONE. Which brings me to the Spiritual rebirth. I know that the concept of the Spiritual Rebirth as taught by the Evangelical Churches of the World is erroneous! It does no more than bring about ones Spiritual conversion. It will not, does not and can not bring about a consciousness of Oneness. That we might come to realize that we are all one, as He and the Father were One, was Jesus' most avid prayer! We can only attain a consciousness of Oneness, when we realize that the "I" within us is God...the Father! All of His teachings indicate that He functioned AS the Father! "I and my Father are One" He proclaimed. This realization is very profound. It amounts to a Spiritual Rebirth! A 'birth' initiated by the Truth... (by the Holy Spirit.) It is synonymous with the 'Virgin Birth'.

In my opinion, Mary had a Spiritual revelation prior to her betrothal to Joseph, She saw that the child she would give birth to would be the savior of His people... and that she was to name him Jesus. The Catholic Church would have us believe that the conception of this 'child' took place in Mary's womb. Not so... the conception of this 'child' took place in her consciousness. It had nothing to do with the physical forthcoming birth of her child. It had to do with her Spiritual revelation... with the realization that 'man' and God were One... with the realization that her forth coming child was God in the infant stage of development! (As is every other human child that has ever been born on Planet Earth!) It was not 'Jesus' that Mary gave birth to, it was the Father (the Universal I am) in the infant stage of development that she gave birth to and whom she named Jesus! It was this insight that she passed on to her son from the cradle. He did not learn this from any school, He learned this from His Mother! It was this that compelled Him to function As His Father in Heaven. It was this that caused Him to say, 'Call no man your Father upon the Earth, for one is your Father, which is in heaven'. If God made Adam in His image and likeness, then He was the "I" within Adam, and was also the "I" within Eve. Which meant that their offspring would be God's like unto them...gods after their kind... in perpetuity! It was this that Mary saw when the Holy Spirit 'came upon her'. When they found Him teaching in the temple He said "Wist ye not that I am about my Fathers business? Had Mary not succeeded in getting her son to see this, we may never have discovered that man and God are One. It was this that made her contribution to humanity so significant and so important!

There is no doubt that Mary was a virgin prior to her marriage to Joseph, but this particular 'birth' took place in her consciousness. (As it does within the consciousness of whoever should come to realize that God (the Father) is the "I" within them. The Spiritual Rebirth is always a Virgin Birth. It always heralds the birth of the Christ! A birth conceived in the consciousness of whoever should see that 'they and God are One'! But... someone learning this at their mother's knee, is far more likely to succeed in becoming the Christ than one whom has spent years learning a trade. It was why He said, 'Except ye become as little children, ye cannot 'enter' the Kingdom of God' (ye cannot attain God consciousness) To convert the World to function in this state of mind is virtually impossible. Every one wants to do things their way. And no 'man' can serve two masters. Ye cannot serve God AND mammon. (Read Matthew chpt.6.) Only as little children is there any hope of attaining the degree of God consciousness as demonstrated by Him who was known as Jesus.

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