I wonder how many know...

I wonder how many know that it is not 'us', (the person we believe ourselves to be) who is thinking when we think? No matter what name our parents would have given us at our birth, it is not 'us' that thinks when we think! No matter what name they had given us, we would still say, "I think", when asked what we think. It is the "I" within us that thinks when we think, and that "I", IS GOD, the Father! Only the "I" can think, because only the "I" has being. IT is who we are and IT is also what we are. IT is all there is. If every 'thing' could speak, every 'thing' would proclaim its relationship to the Source when asked what it was or who it is. The 'thing' would say (as we do) "I" think! (If it could speak) Nothing exists besides or other than the Mind of God, the Universal Mind. ALL is Mind! The Universe, is a mental phenomenon. Not only is it the 'cause' of every 'thing', it is also the 'substance' of every 'thing'. It gives being to every 'thing', by 'becoming' every 'thing'. (We embody the capacity to do so also, if we only knew it!) Unfortunately, we are not aware of being the Source (of being all One) and so we think as we perceive ourselves to be, and thus create the beliefs that divide us.

As we are made in its image and likeness, it creates as we do, (as it perceives itself to be.) As a man thinketh, so is he is a law. When we come to see that the "I" within us is who we really are, and when we come to see that that "I" has to be the creator (or in other words God, the Father), we automatically take upon ourselves the likeness of the Father. (If we should choose to be what we were created to be). That likeness, is the Christ. Every 'Man' (male and female) was created to be the Christ! But before we can function effectively in that consciousness, we must realize that the "I" within us is the Father! It is impossible for us to function AS the Father, when we believe ourselves to be the 'person' our parents created when they named us. When we realize that we are the Father individualized, we can also see that we are Eternal beings! If God is us, and He is Eternal, can we be anything other than what He is?

But we have failed to realize what manner of beings we are. We are creative beings! We create AS we think! If we believe ourselves to be mere men, we shall die as men. In order for us to partake of Gods Eternal reality, we must function AS Him! And we can only function AS Him, when we choose to die to self, when we realize that 'He' is the "I" within us! Only as we function AS Him, can we partake of His Eternal reality. The 'self' must be crucified, before the Father (the "I" within us) can be resurrected!

"I" am the resurrection and the Life. He said, and he that liveth and believeth in me, shall never die! But the cemeteries of the World are bursting at their seams with dedicated souls who believed 'in' him! How is it possible, you might say, for us to believe AS Him? He was God but we are mere men! NOT SO! God is the "I" within us! We have but to realize this and choose to live in that consciousness. Therein lies the key to man's salvation. Through faith in the belief that God is the "I" within us, we can indeed walk AS the Father! So long as we continue to function as the person our parents created when they named us, we shall surely die! Only when we choose to 'die' as the person we believe ourselves to be, and walk AS the Father, in our I am that I am identity, can we 'know' that we need never die.

For this 'walk' to culminate in our transfiguration and ascension, it must commence when we are young. Mary had to have taught this to her son from his birth. It is this she saw when the Angel of the Lord (the Truth) 'came upon her'. She realized that 'man' was God embodied; that 'man' and God, were One! So through faith in this belief, Jesus walked As God, even as a child!

Here is what is most amazing, we don't have to 'become' 'God's', we are God's by birth! IT'S WHAT A 'MAN' IS! Jesus said in Matthew 23:9, something that has gone right over the heads of all our religious institutions. "Call no man your father upon the Earth, for One is your Father which is in heaven"! If the "I" within us, is God the Father, and it is, (the Vine is the reality of the branch) then so too must that be what our Mother is as well. That being the case, (whether we realize this or not) children of 'men', are actually 'children of God'! (Adam and Eve, were God embodied, so they produced offspring 'after their kind') The purpose of the Spiritual Rebirth is to bring us into that realization! It is always a 'virgin birth', initiated by the Truth, through the realization that it is God, that is the "I" within us.

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