I usually wait a few days...

I usually wait a few days before I post my thoughts. Almost always I will think of something I should have added to make what I am trying to say more meaningful. Last night I thought of something I should have added to my last post. It has to do with our efforts to do 'treatments for ourselves'. For instance, it is unlikely that someone with deteriorating discs in his spine can alleviate his pain through 'self treatments'. Whereas someone doing the 'treatment' for him, who believes that God is all and in all, can bring about almost immediate relief of that persons suffering. The person suffering from the affliction is too close to the problem to help himself. Similarly, it would be very unlikely that someone would be sufficiently 'aware' in order to bring about their own transfiguration. We are so immersed in the material World, that it is very unlikely that we could experience that greatest of all transformations without help from an Angel of God, or from someone who functioned as the Christ. But someone who functioned in God consciousness (as Jesus did, or as an Angel of God would), would be quite able to 'lift' us into the 'Kingdom of God', into God Consciousness, into a higher vibration! And only as we walk in God consciousness, (in awareness of being God) can we hope to experience the transfiguration. This is why I say that Jesus "may have had help" from an angel of God, in being resurrected from the tomb.

I do believe we have guardian angels. Angels are mentioned throughout the Bible, and I do believe we can call upon them for assistance in our quest for enlightenment. (If our cause is a worthy cause!) I can think of no event that would catch the attention of the entire World more so than the ascension of an individual by credible witnesses? Needless to say, I will not hesitate to ask for their help in helping me to prove what I have written. And what have I got to lose by trying? Is not the salvation of this Planet and of Gods creations a worthwhile cause? Should I die as all other men that I have known, who will give any consideration to what I have written? Enoch and many of His followers transcended, but it was not known how their ascension took place. So too did Elijah and so too did He who was known as Jesus. And still no one discovered how it took place. But should I or some other believer in the Allness and Oneness of God, experience the ascension, such an event would be known Worldwide within hours. Then billions would want to know what I have written! Perhaps then millions would choose to walk As the Father, (as He who was named 'Jesus' did!) No other event would catch the attention of the World more so than that! I am convinced that it was Gods purpose 2000 years ago to show humanity that we are all One, and that that One, is God, the Father, THE "I" WITHIN US! Was it not Jesus' most ardent prayer that all might realize that 'we are all One', as He and His Father were One? For there will be no Peace on Earth, until the whole World comes to see that no matter what our name, our color, our language, our culture, our religion or our perceived Nationality, WE ARE ALL ONE! The "I" within us, and the Father, are One! ONE AND THE SAME!

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