It seems that I shall...

It seems that I shall never know what new insight will come to me next. It has been some time since I thought of the prophet Jonah. I think there are several lessons that can be learned from reading the book of Jonah, but the one I think is the most significant, is the fact that even if we be raised from the dead, if we have not been 'born again', we will be no different from what we were prior to our death! It is a must that we experience the Spiritual Rebirth. It is a must that we come to realize that God is the I am within us. Even though he had been raised from the dead (and being three days in the belly of a whale, is certainly the equivalent of being dead for three days), Jonah was still the same 'person' he was prior to his resurrection from the 'belly of the whale' (from the grave). He was disappointed when God spared those whom 'he' thought should have been destroyed.

Until we choose to function AS the Father, in our I am that I am identity in 'this' life, it is better even for us, as well as for the well being of the World, that we be 'removed' from this plane of action. So God in His wisdom saw fit, that should we choose to live as men we shall die as men.

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