I suppose one could say...

I suppose one could say that the main purpose of the Church, no matter what the religion, is to make men better men. Perhaps that might be too simplistic, but all in all, it appears to me to fit the role of the Evangelical Christian Churches. Some two thousand years ago a carpenter's son who went by the name of Jesus of Nazareth, taught that man and God were One and it was His prayer that we might all realize this. It was in that consciousness that He healed the sick, gave sight to the blind and raised the dead. It was in that consciousness that He fed the multitudes on more than one occasion and told His followers that what He did they could do also. What they could not understand was how He accomplished such miraculous achievements. They never grasped the significance of what He meant when He told them it was not He (Jesus), who performed these miraculous feats, but the Father within Him. (The 'Father', is the reality of every 'man' on Earth) Even though He lived with them, ate with them, and taught them as best He knew how, they never grasped the understanding that Man was God embodied, (that man and God are synonymous.) He did not succeed in getting them to see that sons and daughters of men are in actual fact sons and daughters of God! They saw Him as Jesus…the son of Mary and Joseph. They saw Him as being vastly superior to them, and only after He arose from the tomb, did they see Him as being what He claimed to be…a Son of God. But none of them saw that so too is every other man/woman on the face of the Earth! Every man/woman on Planet Earth, is the Mind of God embodied. Its what the organism known as 'man' is… the Divine Mind embodied! Man… is the only organism on the Planet in which and through which the Source can function AS the Source! Even though 'that which is God', is the reality of every other living 'thing', no other organism can function As God!

But…because humanity did not 'pick up' on this during His ministry, men have just gone on living AS men during these past two thousand years until we have what we have today. Some six billion individual manifestations of the One Divine Mind, the One Source, functioning AS six billion individuals who all think they have being as the person their parents created when they 'named' them at their birth! With virtually everyone following some specific belief! Every one sees themselves as belonging to a specific Nationality, every one participates in their parent's culture and speaks some particular language and we vary in color from black to white and every shade of brown. But …in spite of these obvious differences, we are still, as Jesus said, ALL ONE! We are each a 'wave' in the Ocean of Life! With No one having any being apart from or other than that Ocean of Life! What IT is, is what 'we' are! IT, is the reality of each of us. IT, is the Life, consciousness and intelligence of the whole Universe, and the Life consciousness and the intelligence within each of us! It is the Light of the World…the Light that 'lighteth' every 'man' that has ever been born. (The light that shines in the darkness, but the 'darkness' realizes it not!) It is that which is God, and besides IT, there is no other 'thing'. IT is the "I" within each of us, and it was in that consciousness that He who was known as Jesus, functioned! He spoke of it as being His Father. Thus did He say," I and my Father are One" In spite of our obvious differences, we are all One, but we do not function AS that One, we function as this 'person' our parents created when they named us at our birth. 'Jesus' knew that He and God were One. That we might realize our relationship to God and to each other, was so important to Him that He suffered the agony of the cross. Not to take upon Himself our sins, but to save us from our sins…from our selves! So long as we function as the person we believe ourselves to be, we will surely die. Should we come to realize that the I within us is who we are, and should we choose to walk in that consciousness (in God consciousness,) we need never die! There in lies the salvation of humanity!

God is also the "I" that I am. He is also the reality, the "I" within every other man/woman on the Planet.

Should we see this, and still refuse to acknowledge Him as our real 'self', we are as guilty of crucifying the Father today, as were they who called for His crucifixion some 2000 years ago. There will never be peace on Earth until we realize we are all One, and live together as brothers and sisters of the most high. We were not meant to die as men! We were meant to walk As the Father…as the "I" within us. As we do so, we need never die! As we walk As the Father, we will experience a major transfiguration. A transformation that will allow us to transcend into the Heavens, as did Enoch of old…as did Jesus at Pentecost. Humankind has never been less than Gods, but we have never known this. It is the purpose of the Church to teach us how to 'walk' As God…not to teach us how to be 'better' men. And only when we see that the "I" within us IS God, is it possible for us to walk As God. This is what He tried to get His disciples to see. This was what they were to teach their followers, but no one got the message. May this 'seed' fall on fertile ground. And no amount of prayer, supplication, meditation, chanting etc., will substitute for dying to self! We must choose to die to 'self', for only as we function As the Father, in our IAM THAT I AM identity, can we partake of His Eternal reality.

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