Is there a way...

Is there a way to present this message to the World that will be more enlightening than the way that I have presented it? I wish there were, but I doubt that there is. Let us not forget that He who was known as Jesus was the most enlightened man who ever walked the Earth. The creative power of His consciousness healed the sick, enabled the blind to see, fed the multitudes and even raised the dead! He lectured and instructed the unenlightened like no other man has ever done, yet not one of His followers got the message that man and God were One, that man was God embodied. Getting the message out through the Internet, might be more productive than trying to convince some local friend or skeptical relative.

I have a friend who thinks my writing is terribly repetitive. And so it is, but in order that people might 'get the message', I know of no other way of presenting this message than to present it from every conceivable point of view imaginable! I am sure that Jesus presented this message in much more dramatic fashion than I have done, but He too was frustrated with the inability of others to grasp it. In St. John chapter 11, it mentions twice how He 'groaned' in the Spirit. He did not weep because of His love for Lazarus, He wept because of their unbelief, because of their inability to realize that man and God were One and the same! So if the master Himself failed to get His closest 'confidants' to see it, who am I to think there is a short cut to understanding. We must not forget that thoughts are like seeds, they take time to 'germinate', to 'gel' in our minds. Some seed falls on 'soil' that is more 'fertile' than others. Some falls on 'rocky' ground. Some among thorns. Even weather conditions effect the length of time it takes for certain seeds to germinate. And much depends upon 'man's' desire to understand! Such is it with our thoughts, with new ideas. And nothing is going to change or hasten the process! In Gods good time it will happen, Our job, is simply to sow the seeds!

I am not looking for an excuse for not preaching or teaching as Jesus did. For one thing, I am not 100% certain that I am right. No one that I know of personally agrees with all I have to say. Many agree with no part of it! So I always tell them to ask God for understanding. If you really want to know, it will be revealed to you. I have put on the Internet all I have written. There is nothing that I have written that will not pass the test of reason or common sense. Still I say, ponder on it for yourself, for the last thing I would want is to mislead anyone. I can spend hours with someone only to find that I have failed to persuade them. And chances are, they will avoid another meeting. So I just 'put it all' on the Internet for all to read if they are so inclined. This way I can reach people who are searching for such ideas that I would otherwise never meet. To the best of my knowledge, I have convinced only One person that I know of through personal contact! (And there is a lot I say that that one person still does not agree with i.e., that there is an alternative to death for instance) I have received dozens of e mails from others who thank me profusely for maintaining this site! Several thousand have checked it out. Who knows where the 'seed' has fallen? Thoughts (seeds) that promote the idea that man and God are One and the same have seemingly been very rare in the Divine Mind since the fall of Adam. Now such thoughts do exist in the Divine mind! The more people who read these pages, the more likely hood some will take root and grow! Because 'we' have no being apart from the Divine Mind, we cannot 'think' thoughts that do not exist in the Divine Mind. Until the peoples of the World realize that we are all One, there will be no Peace on Earth. That we might realize this, was Jesus' most ardent prayer.

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