The incentive for dying to self.

If there was no incentive for choosing to die to self so that we might function as the Father…as the "I am" within us, then what would be the point in even considering to do so? But there is an incentive…a very powerful incentive. An incentive that virtually no one believes exists. That incentive, is the ascension into the Heavens as a living Spirit! Made possible by the transforming power of God consciousness. When we see that we are individualized embodiments of the Mind of God, we realize that we are indeed Eternal beings that need never die! God is indeed our Father, and we are individual manifestations of Him! He is the reality of every 'man' on Earth. Each of us is the creative Mind of God embodied, and as we function in this consciousness, we need never die! " I am the resurrection and the Life, and whosoever functions AS me, shall never die!' (It reads in the Bible that He said 'whosoever 'believes' "in" me shall never die).

But our cemeteries are bursting at the seams with those who 'believe' in Him.) We were not meant to 'worship' the Christ, we were meant to 'walk' AS the Christ! But through the concept of the Spiritual Rebirth that has been, and is still being promoted by the Evangelical Religions of the World, it is impossible to function AS Him! The Church failed to discover the key that enables us to function AS Him! It lies in the realization that the "I" within us, IS THE FATHER! In that realization we can indeed function AS the Father…As Jesus did! When we realize that the Father, is the "I" within us, (the real you and the real me) we begin to take upon ourselves the 'likeness' of the Father. It is that likeness that is the Christ! As I said…we were not meant to 'worship' the Christ, for the Christ is not 'a' specific organism, the Christ is the 'person' of God personified, and we cannot 'personify' the person of God until we realize that we are actually the Father embodied! Every 'man' on Earth, is the Father embodied, but virtually no one is aware of this amazing Truth! He is the "I" within us! This was what Jesus could not get Phillip nor His other disciples to see! It's also what the entire World has failed to see. That we might see this, was what compelled Him to suffer the agony of the cross! This is the message that the whole World has failed to realize. Man, is God embodied!

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