In my last post...

In my last post ~ I made it very clear that every man or woman on Planet Earth, is the Spirit of God ~ (the Father), embodied in a 'temple of flesh! No matter who you are looking at ~ you are actually looking at the Father! (He is the "I" within every one ~ the reality of everyone) But Phillip couldn't see that. All he saw was this 'man' he knew as Jesus of Nazareth. He was totally oblivious of the fact that 'man' is nothing other than the Spirit (or the mind) of God embodied! Through faith in this realization ~ we too can function AS the 'Father' ~ as Jesus did! It was this that He tried to get Phillip and His other disciples to see when He said "he that hath seen me ~ hath seen the father ~ so how can you say 'show us the Father'? Nor has the whole of humanity seen this amazing truth yet! Humanity ~ is synonymous with God ~ with the Father! With that in mind the 14th and 15th chapters of St. John becomes far more meaningful.

He goes on to say ~ If you cant believe that God is within me ~ (or that I and my Father are One) then believe me because of what you have seen me do. He that believes what I am saying ~ can do the works that I do! And whatsoever ye shall ask AS the Father ~ that will "I" (the Father) do, that "I" (the Father) may be glorified in you ~ the son!

The World cannot see the Spirit of God (The Spirit of truth) ~ but ye know Him ~ for He 'dwelleth in you ~ 'with' you ~ for you are one!

When you see it ~ ye shall know that I and my Father are One and that I am the I am within you. Then you will recall all the things I have said to you. But if you do not believe that God is the "I" within you ~ you cannot see what I am trying to explain to you. Can a branch be anything other than an extension of the Vine? The "two" ~ are actually One! But He that abideth in me (the Vine) and I in Him ~ the same shall bring forth much 'fruit'! If ye abide in me, and my 'words' abide in you ~ ye shall ask what ye will ~ and it shall be done unto you. Then shall you be my disciples. Then you will 'see' that there is not God AND you ~ there is Only God! (This is as I see it.)

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