In Luke 23:34 we read...

In Luke 23:34 we read where Jesus said 'forgive them Father for they know not what they do'. He did not forgive them because of His love for humanity; He forgave them because He knew that they had absolutely no idea of what He had been trying to tell them. They had no idea that they too were God individualized, as was He! The whole World has missed seeing this astounding Truth! He knew that His disciple Phillip (in St. John 14:9) did not grasp what He had been trying to get His disciples to see. None of His disciples realized that they were God embodied, nor to the best of my knowledge did anyone else see this in the past 2000 years. Many have believed that God dwelt 'in' them, or that God dwelt in 'others', but I know of no one who has seen that God was (is) the reality of every man/ woman that has ever lived! There is not God AND humanity…there is Only God! Humanity is God manifesting as 'man.' Man and God are synonymous…they are one and the same One is the Universal I am, and the other is the Universal I am, individualized! No 'man'…no John or Jane Doe, has any 'being'! Only the Father…the "I" within us, has being. (Only the Vine has being. The branch has no being of itself!)

I have no doubts whatsoever that I am right in stating that He knew no one understood Him. It was this that troubled Him at Lazarus's tomb. This was the reason He wept! He wept because He could not get anyone to see that man and God were One! How can I be so sure? Because I have had my book on the internet for at least 8 years, and thousands have hit my site but only a very few have grasped what I have been trying to get them to see. Perhaps more have seen this than I realize, but those who have chosen to walk this walk can be counted on One hand (and perhaps even then they might have a finger or two left over.)

What I find to be most frustrating, is the reluctance of those who see themselves as being Gods children, to believe there is any validity, to what I am saying. Most are quite satisfied with what their Church has taught them. They all want to argue. I had a friend say this to me… 'every one wants to tell me their religious beliefs, but virtually no one wants to hear about mine'. Jesus encountered this as well. Even His disciples were constantly giving Him advice. Why are you talking to these children why are you talking to these sinners, etc. When I first heard that man was God embodied, I too thought this was ridiculous. When I saw that they were right, it literally astounded me. But what astounded me most of all, was the discovery that those who told me of this had failed to comprehend it themselves. They were mostly interested in using this knowledge to manipulate people for personal gain. When I first saw it, I got my first 'glimpse' of the possibility of man's Eternal reality. I saw this as something that was very vague at first. Now I see it as the ultimate attainment of Christianity. An attainment I believe that is possible for any truly sincere seeker who learns of this in their most formative years. I believe without a doubt, that should any gentle soul be told this as a six or seven year old, that person can attain the transfiguration and the ascension as did Jesus or Enoch of old! It is the ultimate achievement. The highest vocation one can aspire to, and to which anyone can attain once they see it is actually mans ultimate destiny.

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