In his Sunday message...

In his Sunday message, my favorite Minister mentioned that the Apostle Paul had 'converted' Timothy to Christianity, and to that I agree. And when Paul was on his way to Damascus Jesus brought about Paul's conversion to Christianity! But neither Timothy, Paul, nor the other disciples knew what it was to be 'born again'! They were converted to Christianity all right, but they had not been 'born again'! They still functioned as the person their Mothers named them! The Spiritual Rebirth can only come about, when we realize that God (the Father) IS THE "I" WITHIN US! Only then can we function AS the Christ. Only as we function AS THE FATHER, can we function AS the Christ (As did He whom His Mother named 'Jesus') For to function AS the Father, is to function AS the Christ, because the Father and the Christ are One and the same! Should we try to function as 'Jesus Christ' we shall fail! Why? Because we cannot 'die to self', until we realize that we (the person we believe ourselves to be) are but illusions! The "I" within us is who we are, and that "I", is God (the Father) (Our names are ONLY our names!)

Every human child that has ever been born on Planet Earth, (male or female) has been God (the Father) in the infant stage of development. But in order to identify us from one and other in this world of form, our parents name us! And then they proceed to tell us that 'that' is who we are. Our names constitute whom we are known AS, but our names do not constitute what manner of beings we are! Believe it or not, We are Gods by birth! God is who we are! He is the "I" within us. WITHIN EACH OF US! It is this realization (and this realization alone) that sets in motion our Spiritual Rebirth! By no other means can we 'enter' the 'Kingdom of God'. (By no other means can we function AS the Christ... in God consciousness... in a consciousness of Oneness). For to function 'in' the Kingdom of God, is to function AS GOD. And we can only function AS God (as the Christ), when we realize and acknowledge Him (God) as the "I" within us!

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