If God made man in His image...

If God made man in His image and likeness, how could He do so without making 'man' an Eternal Being? One thing God is... He is Eternal! Most people will say, 'Oh yes He is Eternal, but our bodies deteriorate and die, and so we must all die but we live on in the Spirit'. But I say that that which God is, is also the substance of our bodies. Our bodies are Eternal substances, as well! (Substance that is obedient to our conscious direction!) We read in the Bible, where Enoch was seen to transcend, as did Elijah and Jesus. If this is true, then so too can any other 'man' should we discover the 'formula' which makes it possible. So let's give this some thought.

So too must He have made 'woman' in His image and likeness, for 'male and female created He them'!

If the woman was God, and if the man was God, what could their children be but God's as well? (Was not every 'thing' meant to bring forth offspring 'after their kind'?) Which means we are still Eternal beings! But in order for us to partake in Gods Eternal reality, there is a prerequisite. We must function AS God! We must come to KNOW that we are the Eternal individualized, for we are also creative beings! As a 'man' (God) believes Himself to be, so does He become! We are what we believe ourselves to be! (Every living 'thing', is God manifesting AS that 'thing'!) Before 'we' can 'become' what God is, (Pure and Perfect Spirit) we must unequivocally function AS God. We must come to KNOW it! There can be no doubt in our minds whatsoever! And when we KNOW this, can we be anything less? NO! Then can we say as Jesus did, 'I and my Father are One'. It was not 'Enoch', or 'Elijah', or 'Jesus' that transcended, it was God... the Father who transcended! 'They' not only walked 'with' God, they WALKED AS GOD! Therein lies the secret of our capacity to ascend as living Spiritual beings! We must choose to die as the person our parents created when they named us, and walk in our 'I am that I am' identity! And the younger we are when we discover this and make this decision, the more likely we are to attain it. For we cannot walk As God, except through 'faith in the belief that God, is the "I" within us'!

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