I know of no better description of Oneness than Matthew 25:34.

In my meditation this morning I visualized myself as being the "Life and the Consciousness within the Whole of humanity...as the "I" within everyone…the reality of everyone. Something that few have ever realized. I imagined myself explaining this to other individuals. "I" am who you are, but you think 'you' are the person your parents created when they named you. But this person they created when they named you, is not who you are…its only who you 'think' you are. You see…we are One! Because you are not aware that "I" am who you are, you function as you perceive yourself to be. No matter what name your parents had given you, you still refer to your self as being 'me'… the "I" within you. Only you 'think' of yourself as being the person your parents created when they named you. That you might come to realize that "I" am who you are, is the reason why the Spiritual Rebirth is so necessary. "I"… am the reality of every 'human child' that has ever been born. "I" am the reality of every 'human' adolescent …of every 'adult…of every 'man/woman who has ever 'lived'! There has NEVER been any one other than 'me'! So you can see why Jesus said, "Call no man your Father upon the Earth, for One is your Father, which is in heaven. God… is the Father of us all!

The cemeteries of the World are filled with the 'remains' of those who died because they lived and functioned AS the person their parents created. The only one who ever 'died' was 'the illusion'! "I" did not die, but my 'body' did. And it was "I" who suffered the agony of the cross to show them that it was the 'self' (the illusion in which they lived) that must be crucified…not the 'body'. But no one understood! Nor do "I" ever die… "I" continue to live on AFTER what appears to be one's 'death'…only those who 'think' it was 'they' who died, continue to 'think' of themselves as the person they believed themselves to be while on Earth! (Might their continued state of mind be the 'hell' the Church has warned them to avoid?) Man is the only organism on the Planet that embodies the capacity to transcend death…but only if he/she should live and function AS 'me' (as the "I" within them)! They are capable of transcending death, because of 'their creativity'. (As a man thinketh, so is he). Because men believe they must die…they deteriorate and die! If they only knew that "I" (the Eternal "I" am) was who they were, they would never die! They would know that 'their' Life, was Eternal! (It is in this consciousness, that I strive to function.)

"I" am your neighbor, your so-called enemy, your Father, your Mother, your sisters and your brother. "I" am the 'Black' man, the 'White' man, the man next door who speaks another language, the man who sleeps out in the park, the man with no shoes, the 'old' man, the poor man. Whatever you do to them, you do it unto me, for "I" am truly every "man" there is! But 'men' "eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil", and so they die. They fail to live as the Eternal…as the Christ, and so they die. They live as 'men' and so they die as men! They failed to 'walk' as the Eternal…as 'Enoch' walked, as 'Elijah' walked, as 'Jesus'' walked. (These are a few who walked AS 'me'… "I and my Father are One") Only as we walk AS the "I" within us…AS the Father, can we bypass the grave! Only as we function AS the Eternal "I" am, will we experience the transfiguration… that greatest of all transformations. Only then can we ascend into the Heavens as 'living' Spiritual beings.

AS a follow up to this, let me say once again…We are the only organisms on the Planet that embodies the capacity to bring about an amazing transformation…our transfiguration! "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind". This transformation is not simply a transformation of our consciousness, but also a transformation of our bodies. Transforming us from manifesting as beings of flesh and blood, into beings of Light, enabling us to transcend into the heavens as living Spiritual beings of Light…as Jesus was seen to be on the Mount of transfiguration, and as He transcended at the Mt. of Olives. There may be other organisms that know that every 'thing', is God manifesting AS that 'thing', but only 'man' embodies the capacity to function as the Source.

We were not meant to die as Earthly beings…We were meant to 'become' beings of Light ('sons and daughters' of God) We could not KNOW that we were God embodied, and remain in bodies of 'flesh and blood'! We could not function as God, (in God consciousness), without being transformed into beings of Light! No one has ever seen God, No one has ever seen 'consciousness, intelligence or Life' (that which is God). We only see the forms that God has taken! Life with all its attributes, is Eternal! We are that which is Eternal. Because our bodies are comprised of Life, consciousness and intelligence, (God substance), this 'substance' manifests as it sees itself as being! (This is the Law… the Lord, in action!) And… as this 'substance' sees itself as 'being' God, it manifests as 'God'…as it was before it became our bodies of 'flesh and blood'! No matter who we 'think' we are, we are never less than God. From 'Light'… the Eternal 'substance' of God, were our bodies formed, and through 'God consciousness', they shall return to being living temples of Light forever! I received an e-mail from a friend a few days ago in which he made a statement I thought to be very appropriate pertaining to this subject. He spoke as God might speak to us. "To know me…is to be me"!

We must 'be' what we know ourselves to be. It reminded me of something I used to tell my salesmen. "Presentation without demonstration, is nothing more than conversation"!

If you really want to know me… be me!

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