I doubt that Jesus required any assistance...

I doubt that Jesus required any assistance to enable Him to rise from the tomb. But, on two different occasions, I had private conversations on the scriptures with two men who knew the Bible well. One was my brother in law and one was a very fine Christian gentleman whom I had known for years. Both disagreed with me and very much so! Both wanted to 'save' me. By the end of our conversations, both were in total agreement with everything I said, which I found to be quite amazing. About a week after I had had these conversations with these two gentlemen, both of them were once again back in their old 'head space', their old 'state of mind'. Two weeks later, my brother in law tried to make me look foolish in front of the entire family, and the other chap, bluntly told me that after he had thought it over, he concluded that what I had to say was completely non scriptural. I was dumbfounded with their reversal. Then I realized what had happened. During our discussion, I had lifted them into a higher state of consciousness temporarily (into a higher vibration) but did not realize this at the time. When they were away from me, they fell back into their old 'groove'! Even though my awareness of being God embodied, falls far short of Jesus' state of awareness, this might explain why He said to Mary, 'touch me not, for I am not yet ascended.' He walked in a higher frequency than those around Him, in a higher frequency than 'men'. He walked in the frequency of Light!

This is what makes me think that Jesus may have been helped by an angel of God. When the two Mary's went to the tomb to tend to the body of Jesus, they were met by an angel of God, "whose countenance was like lightning and whose apparel was white as snow"! In the Book of Luke, it is said that there were two men in shining garments at His tomb. (Might one of these have been Jesus?) Might it have taken an angel of God to assist Him in restoring Him to life? Did Elijah not restore Life to the widow's son by 'stretching himself' upon him? (1st. Kings Chpt.17) Perhaps we cannot 'generate' sufficient energy to bring about our own transfiguration. If I lifted up the consciousness of my two friends 'momentarily', might it require a fully enlightened being such as an angel of God, to restore Life within us? As He prayed in the garden of Gethsemane, we read where he 'sweat as it were great drops of blood'. Might He have had some doubts about being physically resurrected, or might it have been the thought of the agony he would have to bear on the cross that caused Him such stress? At any rate, we may have grossly underestimated the part that angels play in our lives.

I asked my self what I might fear most, thoughts of the agony I would face if I knew I was to be crucified as was the custom then, or the fear of death, and I realized that it would be the fear of death, fear of the unknown! It would have been for this reason that He 'sweat as it were great drops of blood'. His faith was greater, but he was no different from any one of us. As he said, 'What doth it profit a man, if he should gain the whole world and lose his own soul (and die)? The knowledge that we need never die has been lost. And the key to attaining it lies in the realization that we are the Eternal I AM (the Father) individualized! And that Eternal I AM, is the "I am" within each of us! (The Vine and the branch are One!) This was the consciousness in which He, the Father (who was known as "Jesus") walked. And it is also the consciousness in which any one of us can walk (and in which many of us might have chosen to walk from infancy) had we known that it is the key to Everlasting Life!

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