I am the Vine...

Jesus said, "I and my Father are One." He also said, "He who hath seen me, hath seen the Father" (God). And it was his most avid prayer that we too might realize that God was the "I" within us as well. And in John chapter 15: 5 He said, "I am the Vine and ye are the branches." And it doesn't take a Philadelphia lawyer to figure out that a branch has no being, no reality or no existence apart from the Vine! How then could our Ministers or Sunday School teachers have failed to see that no man or woman on Earth could have any being or reality apart from God? No matter 'who' we think we are, or 'what' we think we are, we are still nothing other than an embodiment of whatever we can imagine God to be! Is a branch not just an extension of the Vine? The more we look at our relationship to 'our' Source, the more obvious it becomes that we are nothing less than God (the Father) manifesting in a temple of flesh!

It was this that He (the Father) who was known as 'Jesus' was trying to get the World to see some 2000 years ago! But He wasn't able to get any of His disciples to 'see' it. 'Show us the Father' Phillip said a night or two prior to His crucifixion, and it will 'sufficeth' us. (Then perhaps we can believe you.) By the time we grow to maturity, we become so accustomed to functioning as the person our parents created when they named us, that it takes an incredible amount of convincing and persuasion to get any one to see that a 'man' (or a woman), can be no less than God (the Father) individualized!

Why do you think that God made 'man' in His image and likeness? It was His way of creating Gods! He endowed every thing He created, with the capacity to perpetuate 'its' species, by reproducing (in one way or another) AFTER their kind! So how could thinking men not have seen, that if God made 'man' (Adam and Eve) in His image and likeness, that 'their' offspring could be anything less that God's? This was why He gave being to Himself as both male and female! And I say 'gave being to Himself', for what other reason than populating the Earth with 'children' like unto Himself? But 'Adam' and 'Eve' were unaware of what manner of beings they were! They were in love with each other! They had every thing they needed, so how idyllic must their lives have been? Why would they have needed to 'consciously' function as Gods, when every thing they needed was theirs for the asking? (Would that not be how we would also live if we KNEW that we were God individualized?) (Whatsoever things ye so desire, (when ye pray) believe ye shall receive, and ye shall have it). How many of us are aware of the fact that our basic beliefs and desires amount to our daily prayers? So in time they (Adam and Eve) probably gave no thought whatsoever to what manner of beings they were. The only thing they were told of the 'Spirit of God', was that they were not to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil! They were not to believe there was good or evil! For to believe there is evil, is to deny the omnipresence of God! For the Spirit of God, is Eternally Perfect! And so they 'fell'! God did not drive them from the 'garden'... they did that themselves. For lest they should live forever in their sins, God could not permit them to live a sinful life in perpetuity! So man's days were shortened, to three or four score years more or less.

And nothing has changed. God still is the Everlasting, and He is still the reality of every human child that has ever been born on Planet Earth, whether we realize this or not! He is still the Vine, and each of us is still nothing less than God individualized (the Vine individualized). And As Adam and Eve were the Eternal I am individualized, so too are their descendents, no matter how far we are removed from our Source. And we are told in John 3: 16, that He so loved the World, (Humanity) that He suffered the agony of the cross, that we might see what manner of beings we so called 'human beings' really are! That whosoever should walk 'with' Him (As Him. As Jesus did), would not perish, but would have Everlasting life! Then through the transforming power of the Spiritual Rebirth, He enabled us to once again 'walk' as sons and daughters of God! (The Spiritual Rebirth enables us to walk once again in the 'Kingdom' of God, in God consciousness) And we need not face death on the cross as He did in order to get there! We have but to recognize and acknowledge Him as our reality, as the "I" within us, and to make a sincere commitment to walk in that consciousness. And as we consciously choose to die to self (the illusion in which virtually the entire human race is functioning) and walk AS Him, we need never die! How could so many have studied the scriptures for so many years have failed to 'see' this? Today's born again Christians, are men who 'worship' Christ, but not men who 'walk' As Christ (As the Father) Whereas a truly 'born again' Christian is one who has chosen to walk AS God (the Father), and to die to self! (To no longer 'function' as the person our parents created when they named us.)

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