How many people are aware...

How many people are aware that they are God individualized? Virtually no one! There is no one but the Father...He is the "I" within everyone. Adam didn't know this, so how could he pass it on to those he knew? Enoch discovered that He and God were one and the same and taught it, and there was peace on the Earth for a thousand years, but again the sons of God chose to function as 'men'. Every One is in fact the Father embodied! God is the "I" within us. Jesus mother taught him that He and God were One and the same. And it was God who suffered the agony of the cross that humanity might see this. But no one got the message. Not even His disciples saw this. (Read St. John 14: 8 - 9) and no church on Earth has discovered this. Because no one thinks things through.! I have a brother in-law who is a Baptist Minister (for40 years). He read my book but all he did was look for faults.

The truth is that every 'man/woman on Planet Earth is THE FATHER INDIVIDUALIZED, but no one realizes this! He… is the "I" within each of us! Everyone thinks they are the 'person' their parents created when they named them at their birth. The Whole of humanity is functioning in an illusion! I have expounded this throughout my book, but no one seems to be getting the message. (Nor did anyone get it 2000 years ago) Even though it is mentioned in the first chapter of the Bible, that God made man in His image and likeness, no one seemingly believes this! He made us by becoming us, by 'being' us. But every one thinks 'they' have being of themselves, (as Adam did) and so they function AS the person their parents created when they named them, never for a moment realizing that they are God embodied! (Only God has being.) And because there was no one around to tell us what manner of beings we are, we function AS "WE" perceive ourselves to be, and thus 'we humans' (we illusions) have created the beliefs that have divided the whole of the human race. This is why the Spiritual Rebirth is so necessary. We must be 'born again'! Until we realize that each of us is an individualized manifestation of the Universal I AM, there will never be peace on Earth.

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