I have said Ye are Gods.

Every child that has ever been born (or will ever be born), is God (was God), in the infant stage of development. The child born to Mary and Joseph some two thousand years ago in Bethlehem, was named Jesus. The only difference between Him and all other children that has ever been born of a 'woman', is what He became. He grew up to function as God…AS THE FATHER. This was because prior to His birth, His parents were told that this particular child would become the savior of His people. So without question, Mary would have told Him from the moment of conception who and what He would become. We now know that the unborn can be influenced while in the womb. But whether we know it or not, at our birth, each of us is the Father in the infant stage of development. Each of us embodies the capacity to function As the Father. And as I have said, when we are made to realize that the "I" within us is the Father, we automatically begin to take upon ourselves the likeness of the Father (if we are so inclined). That 'likeness', is the Christ…the Father personified. Thus could He say 'I and my Father are One'! Any one of us can say the same thing once we see that the "I" within us, is also the Father. But the chances of one of us attaining 'His' state of God consciousness, is highly unlikely. Those of us, who have come to see that God is the "I" within us, have probably spent years earning a living at some specific trade…never realizing that we were anything more than the person our parents created when they named us! By the time we came to see our true potential we were, in all likely hood, well programmed in the ways of the World.

And… Spiritually speaking, we could not be as easy to instruct as we would have been had our Mothers taught us from birth that we could become Christs, as did He who was named Jesus. He did not have years of worldly programming to overcome! We are told that He was near thirty years old before He began His ministry. And it was He who said 'except we become as a little child, we cannot 'enter' the Kingdom of God (We cannot attain God consciousness unless we begin as little children). So it is highly unlikely that we will ever attain His degree of enlightenment. Nor might we be expected to! If we can love those of our families in spite of their accomplishments, we can be sure that our Heavenly Father will overlook our shortcomings. God knows our intent. He looks upon the heart. Where our treasure is, there will our heart be also.

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