I have been promoting...

I have been promoting the fact that God is the "I" within us, and that by realizing this and acknowledging Him as our reality; and by choosing to function AS God (the Father), we become One with the Father (the Christ), and need never die! Because this is such an unbelievable scenario, only a few people out of the thousands who have 'hit' my site, have written me who were enthusiastically in agreement with me. And a few have sent me emails telling me how ludicrous I am. And I guess, because it does 'sound' so preposterous, I have been rather reticent about forcefully promoting this understanding. (After all, how could I, out of some six or seven billion people on Earth, make such an assumption?)

I drew these conclusions, as a result of 'believing' that God is indeed, the "I" within us! They were the only conclusions that made sense to me. And as far as I am concerned they are not contrary to Scripture! It is for this reason, that we are creative beings! In fact they actually verify what Jesus said to His disciples, and do not contradict scripture in any way (in my opinion)! When I first saw this to be the truth, I began to experiment with Spiritual Healing. And to my great surprise, I saw 'Healings' take place that were nothing less than miraculous! Healings that should have taken weeks to take place took place in a matter of minutes. With some taking place before I was finished my 'treatment'! And over the years my understanding of how the 'Healings' take place, has increased to where I would actually be surprised today if my 'treatment' failed to produce positive results! My wife, who is a graduate of Prairie Bible Institute of Three Hills Alberta has experienced such a healing on at least two separate occasions! And after years of 'tactfully' trying to explain it to her, she still refuses to believe that anything I say about the transfiguration and the ascension can be true! So you can see why I have been rather reticent about 'shouting' this from the housetops!

I have for years said that our salvation was dependent upon our faith in the belief that God (the Father) is the "I" within us; and through this understanding and this realization alone! Our salvation is 'founded' upon our realization, our acknowledgement and our sincere determination to walk AS the Father! By no other means can we function as 'sons and daughters' of God! (We are actually Sons and daughters of God BY BIRTH!) And ONLY as we function as 'sons and daughters' of God, can we hope to experience the transfiguration and the ascension as did He who was named 'Jesus'! And for those who say this is an absolute impossibility because we are not sons and daughters of God by birth, I refer you to what Jesus said in Matthew 23 : 9 "Call no man your father upon the Earth, for one is your father, which is in heaven."

Think on this! We read in Genesis where God made 'man' (male and female) in His image and likeness. Now if every other 'thing' He created was endowed with the capacity to bring forth creatures 'after their kind', what else could Adam and Eve's children have been, other than God's? Their offspring can be no less than Gods; in perpetuity! If every 'man' (if every male) is God embodied, then 'God', has to be the Father of each of us! (As well as 'our' Mother!)

All we need in order to function as Jesus did, is faith in the belief that the "I" within us, is God .the Father! It is this realization (The Spiritual Rebirth) and this realization alone that can bring about our awakening... OUR SALVATION! No 'man', (no John or Jane Doe) has any being. There is ONLY God! No matter what 'man' (or woman) we are looking at, we are actually looking at 'the Father'! There is Only the Father! (Thus, I and the Father are One!) And just this morning I instinctively 'felt' that I am right! My wife believes we all must die in order to enter 'Heaven'. I have told her many times that we simply have to die to self, (As the person we believe our 'self' to be)! And then we will realize that we are already in heaven! It is 'at hand'; it is within us as Jesus said. The person we believe ourselves to be... is but the illusion, in which we live and function. A belief which my wife seemingly cannot accept! I am very reluctant to tell her that she has not been born again, that she has only been converted into Christianity! Only when we believe that God is our reality (through faith), can we realize we have been 'born again'! Then we will KNOW that children of men, are actually 'children of God'! All we have to have in order for us to function AS 'children of God', is faith in the belief that God is the "I" within us! Only then can we see that God's Eternal reality is our Eternal reality! Then will we come to see that we are but Spiritual beings in 'temples' of flesh! And as we function in this consciousness, (As God) our bodies will be transformed into temples of Light, (through the transforming power of God consciousness) enabling us to ascend into the heavens, as did they who were known as Enoch, Elijah and Jesus!

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