God made man in His image and likeness.

God made man in His image and likeness. Male and female created He them ~ and He named them 'Adam' and 'Eve'. And through procreation their children were as they were ~ children of God! But neither Adam nor Eve realized that 'they' were God embodied ~ the 'Mind' of God or the 'Spirit' of God embodied. So they could not have passed this knowledge onto their children. But they did as all Earthly fathers and mothers have done ~ they 'named' their children! Thus creating the person they were 'doomed' to become!

Children of men are in fact ~ children of God, only humanity is totally oblivious of this truth!

I had begun to wonder if I may have misled those who read these essays, when I have said that every John or Jane Doe on Planet Earth ~ is functioning in an illusion. But now I realize more than ever ~ that that is not so. Why? Because every one since Adam ~ has been the Spirit of God (or the 'consciousness' of God) embodied. (They gave 'being' to children AFTER their kind!) In ignorance of this obvious truth ~ only a very few have functioned AS God (the Father). But for that few ~ everyone has functioned ~ from the creation of 'man' ~ as the person their parents created when they named them at their birth! But for those few ~ Enoch, Elijah and Jesus (and possibly others) humanity has functioned AS 'men' ~ as the John/Jane Doe their parents named them. No one has any 'being' apart from or other than God ~ the Father. GOD is the "I" within everyone!

Much has been said about Eternal Life. Here are my thoughts pertaining to that subject. When I say ~ 'thus creating the person they were doomed to become', I mean just that! So long as we live AS 'men' ~ we are destined to die! Only as we function AS God ~ AS the Father ~ can we walk as Jesus, Elijah or Enoch walked. Only in that consciousness, can we hope to attain the transfiguration and the ascension. I also believe that the resurrection has taken place when we see ~ acknowledge ~ and choose to walk AS God ~ in the consciousness that the "I" within us is God ~ the Father! Our recognition of God as our reality ~ amounts to the resurrection of Him who is the Eternal "I AM" ~ the "I am" within us ~ the "I am" that IS US! Did He not say ~ 'I' am the resurrection and the Life? So long as we function as the person our parents created when they named us ~ we shall remain the 'living dead' ~ for so long as we walk As 'men' ~ we will die! Whereas ~ those who 'liveth and believeth as me (as the Father) ~ shall never die'! (Here (in my opinion) Jesus was speaking As the Father) When we fully realize that God is the "I" within us, we need never die! Once we choose to walk As God ~ once we choose to walk in our "I am that I am" identity ~ God (the "I AM" within us) will have been resurrected! It is the 'self' ~ the illusion that must die ~ not the body! When we 'attain' the Christ mind ~ AS Jesus did ~ our bodies will be transformed into temples of Light ~ enabling us to ascend into the heavens as living Spirits ~ as He was seen to go (Acts 1-9) (In my opinion)

Here is what He said to Martha ~ "I am the resurrection and the Life ~ he that believeth in me, though he were dead ~ yet shall he live. And whosoever liveth and believeth in me, shall never die". Millions have believed 'in' Him but ALL who have done so, have died! Why? To believe 'in' Him ~ indicates that they functioned in a consciousness of duality! (I.e. there is me ~ with God living 'in' me.) The truth is that there is no one besides God or other than God! He is the "I" or the "I am" within everyone ~ and there is no other. And whoever should function in this consciousness ~ male or female ~ need never die". I am the first and I am the last, and beside me ~ there is none else! (Isaiah 43-44) There is only Him who is God ~ the Eternal "I" that I am!

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