God is a Spirit.

When God created man, man would have been a truly 'spiritual' being, (an invisible being) else he would not have been the 'image and likeness of God', for God is a Spirit. It was 'after' the fall of man that man became a 'physical' being. (Unto Adam also and to his wife, did the Lord make coats of skins and clothed them)

And then, through procreation, they gave being to 'children' after their kind, and thus began to populate the Earth with 'children of men'. The only difference between children of God and children of men, is their state of Mind. Children of men, are children of 'God ' who are totally oblivious of being the 'Spirit of God' in 'physical' garb! But thanks to the Spiritual Rebirth, they embody the capacity to realize this! And when they do, they also embody the capacity to become what they were prior to the 'fall of man'

. Through the Spiritual Rebirth promoted by the Evangelical religions of the World, it is impossible to attain what I just described as being the transfiguration. In order to begin this transformation we must first see (Spiritually speaking) that the "I" within us, is God (the Father). When we see this and make a sincere determined commitment to die to 'self' (to die as the person our parents created when they named us at our birth) and walk As God, we have set our transfiguration in motion! And we cannot reach a state of consciousness above or beyond the consciousness of the Spirit of God! When we reach the state of KNOWING that we are the Spirit of God embodied, and as we function in that state of awareness, our transfiguration is inevitable. For the Spirit of God can be no more or no less than 'Spirit'! Whatever God sees Himself as being, He becomes! When the consciousness of the individual KNOWS that it is Eternal, It knows it will never die. And as it 'dwells' in that consciousness it will become what it sees itself as being. (As a 'man' thinketh, so is he)

When the Spirit of God, saw Itself as being a 'human' being, it 'clothed itself in coats of skin'. When it sees itself as being pure and perfect Spirit, it will become what it sees itself as being. In reality, 'Spirit' is all that we ever were. "It is the Spirit that quickeneth: the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit and they are Life!"

There will be those of you who will say 'why then did not the disciples transcend with Jesus, or even sometime after'? Were they not 'filled with the Holy Spirit'? They were endowed with power from on high all right, but they were not 'filled' with the Holy Spirit. Unless you have experienced the Spiritual Rebirth, you cannot be filled with the Holy Spirit! And None of His disciples had been 'born again'. This is very evident. The disciples saw Jesus as being Gods only begotten son. They had no idea that they too were the Spirit of God embodied. Jesus did not succeed in getting them to see that God was (is) the reality of every man/woman on Planet Earth. Consequently none of His disciples ever transcended as He did! And because they never knew what it was to function AS God, they could not convey the means of doing so to the millions who would choose to follow them. The key does lie in the Spiritual Rebirth, but not through the concept that the Evangelical Churches of the World have promoted. It lies in the belief that God is the "I" within us. How could the Churches have ever failed to discover this? How could they have failed to understand the relationship of the branch to the Vine? Except you function AS me, you cannot do the things you see me do, for as your 'self', you can do nothing!

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