We read in the book of Genesis

We read in the book of Genesis that God made every living thing, in such a manner that every 'thing', could bring forth after its kind. He also made 'man' in His image and likeness. Male and female created He them, enabling them also to 'bring forth' after their kind! If He made 'man' in His image and likeness, there could have been no difference between God and Man. Which means that we are as much the presence of God today, as were Adam and Eve in the day that God created them! Seemingly humanity has forgotten this. I said to a very staunch born again Christian the other day, 'Do you agree with me when I say that every 'human' child that has ever been born on Planet Earth, is (and always has been) God (the Father) in the infant stage of development?', and the reply was no! I went on to say that whether he believed this or not, this was most certainly the case because the "I" within every one of us, is God, the Father! But our parents name us, and teach us to believe that we are indeed this person they created when they named us. Thus the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth! And if we accept this as the Truth, we can, through faith in this belief, function AS the Father, as did He who was named Jesus! And to function As the Father, is to function as the Christ! This is actually how simple it is to become the Christ, for the Christ, IS NOT a specific individual. The Christ is but the 'person' of God personified!

When we realize that God, the Father, is the "I" within us, and choose to walk in that consciousness, we begin to take upon ourselves the likeness of the Father. It is that 'likeness', that is the Christ! Actually, each of us was born to be the Christ! We embody everything necessary to enable us to function AS the Father, and as we function AS the Father, we become the Christ! This was why Jesus asked Peter, 'Whom do 'you' say that I the son of man am?' When Peter replied, 'thou art the Christ', Jesus thought Peter understood Him. But he had not. Peter still saw himself as being Peter! Except a man be 'born again' He had said, ye cannot 'enter' the Kingdom of God (ye cannot attain the Christ Mind!) Until we realize that the "I" within us, is the Father, we cannot function AS the Father! And if we do not function AS the Father, we can never attain the Christ Mind. Even after Jonas had been raised from the dead, he still thought AS 'Jonas'! We can only function AS the Father, when we realize that the 'Father', is the "I" within us! The Father, is actually who and what we are! It is imperative that we be 'born again'. (It is imperative that we come to realize that we are in reality, sons and daughters of God!) For should we walk in that consciousness, we need never die! It is the key that allows us to participate in Gods Eternal reality! It amounts to our being 'raised from the dead'!

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