Faith in the belief...

Faith in the belief that the "I" within us, is God (the Father) is the only way we can function AS the Father. We have no 'being' as the person that we believe ourselves to be! 'Jesus', had no being! 'Jesus' was only the name given to Mary's child, to 'that which was made in the image and likeness of God'! ('Adam' and God, were One and the same)! Every 'human' child that has ever been born on Planet Earth, has been (and still is) God, the 'Father', in the infant stage of development! God (our source), gave 'being' to us, by 'becoming' us, in like manner to a 'Vine' giving being to itself as a branch. A branch is but an extension of the vine. We are but an embodiment of the Divine Mind! That is all that a 'man' is, the Mind of God manifesting AS a 'man'! (The Father becoming the Father (a man')! This is why we are creative beings.

Our thoughts are creative, because they are Gods thoughts (As a man thinketh, so is he/she) We can no more separate ourselves from God (from the Divine Mind) than a branch can separate itself from the Vine. When we 'think', we are actually the vine (the Father) thinking. There is not 'us' AND the Vine (The Father). There is only the Vine. In ignorance of our relationship to God, (and to the other 'branches') we 'think' as we perceive ourselves to be, and thus do we create the beliefs that divide us. Only to 'man', is there 'English' men, 'French' men, Germans, Russians, Chinese, Africans, Greeks, Jews, Americans, Natives etc. etc. In reality we are all One, and that One, is the Father! To God, there is only God! Realize this. WE HAVE NO BEING OF OURSELVES! There is only God, the Father! This was why Jesus said, "He who has seen me, has seen the Father"! The only ONE there is, is God, the Father! That we might come to realize our relationship to each other, was the reason He prayed that we might be One, even as He and the Father were One! God (the Father) is indeed ALL and 'in' All!

Whether we be male or female, the "I" within us, is the Father. When we realize this and choose to walk As the Father, we (in time), become 'the likeness' of the Father in our thinking. That likeness is the 'Christ', the end result of the Spiritual Rebirth, brought about through faith in the belief that God is the "I" within us! (Let this 'mind' be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.) Man, is the only organism on Earth that can think and function As the Father! And only when we have faith in the belief that the "I" within us IS the Father, can we function AS HIM! And to function AS Him, is to function As the Christ! God created the organisms known as 'man', because it is God's way of creating Gods!

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