Evolution takes place in consciousness...

Evolution takes place in consciousness, through one idea leading to another. These are conclusions I have reached, as a result of walking through faith in the belief that God (the Father) is the "I" within us. I cannot believe it could be otherwise ~ but only time will tell. No John or Jane Doe on Earth has any 'being', yet few realize this. Every one is actually the Spirit of God individualized ~ the Spirit of God embodied. Every 'human' child that has ever been born on Planet Earth, has been nothing less than God (the Father) in the infant stage of development! Creating the 'organisms ' known as 'man', was Gods way of creating God's ~ believe it or not! Every 'human' being ~ male or female, is the Divine mind ~ or the Universal mind 'individualized'! Or in other words, every one ~ is God embodied! BUT NO ONE REALIZES THIS! Virtually every one thinks they are this 'person' their parents created when they named them! I just posted an essay on what Shakespeare was said to have written hundreds of years ago ~ that 'all the World's a stage and every man's an actor'! Truer words have never been spoken! Virtually every individual on Earth is playing the part of "being the person" their parents created when they named them! Thus the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth ~ which can only be set in motion through faith in the realization that God is the "I" within us! And nothing will change until the entire World comes to realize this Truth! A truth that has escaped the attention of the whole of humanity since the fall of man ~ since the fall of Adam! And that is the fact that we are all One ~ and that One is God! Everyone, is but the Vine manifesting ~ God manifesting!

At least a thousand times I have said that 'every 'human' child that has ever been born (or that ever will be born) on Planet Earth, has been God (the Father) in the infant stage of development' ~ but virtually no one believes this! God did indeed make 'man (male and female) in His image and likeness ~ but He did not create the person we believe ourselves to be! Our parents did that when they named us at our birth! But no matter what name our parents would have 'given' us at our birth ~ ONE THING NEVER CHANGES! And that is this ~ each of us at birth, is non-other than God (the Father) in the infant stage of development! The WHOLE of Humanity ~ is God individualized! And until this is seen and realized, nothing will change the way 'humanity' thinks! Until we come to see that God is the "I" within us, and until the whole of humanity chooses to 'walk AS God', and die to self (the illusion our parents created when they named us) ~ men (and women) will continue to function in a 'me first' mentality! And those we elect to oversee and govern us all as equals, regardless of our color, language, religion, culture or perceived Nationality, will simply continue to govern as per the existing status quo! Only when the whole World is made to see that God is man's reality, will there be a change ~ only then will there be Peace on Earth. Only then will men treat others as brothers and sisters ~ or as equals. Only then will the Ten commandments be lived ~ not because we were 'directed' by God to live them, but because we will want to live them ~ motivated by our love for God ~ our "fellowman"!

And ~ in case no one is aware of the incentive God offers us for functioning AS Him ~ here it is! The whole of humanity has failed to realize this! Man is the Only organism on Earth that embodies the capacity to by pass physical death! We are the Eternal Divine Mind individualized! As we 'believe' ~ so are we! As we function AS God ~ BELIEVING (through faith) that God is the "I" within us, we need NEVER die! There is not God AND Us ~ there is ONLY God! The "I" within us is Eternal and Immortal! We are Immortal and Eternal beings! And when we function in that consciousness, (in the Christ Mind) ~ that consciousness, will transform our bodies into Spiritual bodies ~ enabling us to ascend into the heavens as living Spiritual beings ~ as Gods in every sense of the word! This is what Enoch knew ~ what Elijah knew and what Jesus knew. That we might see this, was Jesus' goal ~ but no one got the message! Creating 'man', is still Gods way of creating Gods! How could He have made us in His image and likeness without endowing us with His Eternal reality? (Whosoever liveth and believeth AS me, shall never die!) There is not the Vine AND 'us' ~ the Vine (God) IS US! And as we function As the Vine ~ as God ~ as Jesus did, we need never die! No other incentive can equal Life Everlasting! This is the 'reward' that awaits those who choose to 'die to self' in order to Walk As God ~ for if we should gain the whole World and die ~ what doth it profit us? We die as men because we function as men! May the Spirit of God within us, inspire us to be what we were created to be ~ the CHRIST ~ the 'third person' of the Trinity!

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