Everyone, who has ever been...

Everyone, who has ever been a member of an Evangelical Church, has at one time or another heard a minister speak on the following Bible verse. 'What is man (or the 'son' of man) that the Lord (the Law) should be mindful of him'. I wonder how many have ever realized what manner of being a 'man' or a 'woman' really is?

When God said "let us make man in our image and likeness", few people associated the word 'Father' with the word God, although in referring to God we use the word 'Father'. This may sound like a mere play on words, but think on this. Suppose it had been written as follows. The 'Father' said, "Let us make 'man' in our image and likeness." Then we just might have seen 'man' as being synonymous with the 'Father', rather than seeing 'man' as being synonymous with the word 'God'. Then, instead of saying that 'man' is God embodied, we might have seen that a 'man', (male or female) is actually the 'Father' embodied! (This is what 'Jesus' knew, that made Him the greatest Spiritual Healer the World has ever known)

Has it ever dawned on us that our Mothers are nothing less than our heavenly Father (God) manifesting as a 'woman', or that our Earthly father was nothing less than our 'heavenly' Father manifesting as a 'man'?

I have said many times that 'every child ever born on Planet Earth, is God (the Father), in the infant stage of development, yet never thought of a 'man' as being 'the Father' manifesting. (This is known as failing to connect the dots) When we see the significance of this, we will look at Jesus' remark to Phillip... "He who hath seen me, hath seen the Father", in a somewhat different light. Then we might have realized (as Jesus did) that every 'human being' on Earth, be they male or female, is in fact the Father (God) manifesting in a 'temple' of flesh. To put it in other words, the 6 billion or so 'human beings' who populate the Planet, are in fact, 6 billion individual manifestations of the 'Father'! Every boy or girl (every man or woman on Earth) is God (the Father) manifesting in a 'temple' of flesh, but virtually no one has ever realized this! It was this that "Jesus" knew, so He functioned AS the Father! This was why He said; "I and my Father are One"! Every so-called 'human being' on the Planet is the Father individualized!

I have said this many times, but never expressed it from this point of view. I have described it as being a state of mind. Every man or woman (every boy or girl) on Earth, is in fact THE FATHER embodied. PERIOD! Not only is 'HE" who we were at our birth, He is who we are through out our lives! There is no one else! Humanity is God, and every 'man/woman,' on Earth, is the Father individualized! There is ONLY the Father! My Mother was 'Him' manifesting AS a 'woman', and my father was 'Him' manifesting as a 'man'! And 'He', is the reality of every child that has ever been born on Planet Earth! This was why 'Jesus' said 'Call no man your father upon the Earth, for One is your Father which is in heaven'! Every 'man' on Earth, (male or female) is the Father individualized. Ever one on Earth, is a member of the family of God if we only realized it! There is no one other than the 'Father'! He who was known as Shakespeare wrote 'All the World's a stage, and every 'man' (or every woman), is but an actor'. We are all playing the part of being the 'person' our parents created when they named us at our birth, when in fact we are all One, and that One, is God (the Father).

We are creative beings, because we are the Father individualized, so... As we think, so are we! We set creation in motion because our 'thoughts' are creative. (Because our thoughts are the thoughts of God, whether we realize this or not!) Each of us is the Father embodied! When we realize this, we too can say as Jesus said, "I and my Father are One!"

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