Every 'man' on Earth...

Every 'man' on Earth ~ is the Spirit of God embodied. That is what a 'man' is ~ male or female. And the Spirit of God is programmable! It can be persuaded to believe anything! Every living 'thing' on Earth, is the Divine Mind manifesting AS that 'thing'! So every 'thing' functions as it was created to function ~ with survival being the 'premier' concern of every 'thing'. And 'man' ~ is the only organism on the Planet that embodies the capacity to function AS the Source ~ once he/she realizes that every 'man', is the Source embodied ~ (once they realize that the "I" within them is God ~ the Father!) There is NOTHING or NO ONE on Planet Earth other than the Spirit of God or besides the Spirit of God (the Mind of God)! This is what makes us creative beings ~ only we think and create as we perceive ourselves to be! The Spirit of God is synonymous with the Mind of God which is also synonymous with the Life of God, (They are all One!) So it is extremely important that children be made aware of this from the day of their birth!

We are told in the first verse of chpt.11 in Genesis ~ that the whole World was of One language and of One speech! This is in reference to mans attempt to build a 'tower' so that they could come and go into 'heaven' at will. But because this was not how men could 'enter' the Kingdom of heaven ~ (the 'Kingdom of Heaven' being a state of mind) ~ God confounded their language, and scattered them abroad upon the face of the earth! Resulting in the multitude of languages and dialects we see to day! So lets get something straight ~ there are no English men ~ French men ~ Russian men ~ Greeks, Jews, Canadians, East Indians, Native Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Americans, Mexicans etc, etc, etc.! These are only states of mind! Nothing more ~ nothing less! EVERY MAN / WOMAN ON PLANET EARTH IS BUT THE SPIRIT OF GOD INDIVIDUALIZED! Whatever we can imagine God to be ~ is what a 'man/woman ', is! God made us in His image and likeness ~ (male and female created He them!) Creating the organisms known as 'man' ~ was Gods way of creating Gods! And through procreation, these creations of God called 'man' ~ bring forth children AFTER THEIR KIND ~ in perpetuity! He (God) is the VINE ~ we (humanity) are the branches! As I said ~ we are, whatever we can imagine God to be! But at our birth our parents name us ~ creating the 'person' we believe ourselves to be! We do need names! We need to identify ourselves for a number of reasons. But our names do not constitute our reality! Names do not give us 'being'! No John or Jane Doe ~ has any being! Only God ~ the Source has 'being'! Only the "I" within us has being! Virtually the Whole of humanity is functioning in an illusion! Virtually no one is functioning AS the Source ~ As God ~ as He who was named 'Jesus' did!

'Adam' had no idea that he was God individualized ~ nor did 'Eve'! So they were not able to pass this understanding on to their children. As a consequence Cain slew his brother Able! And from there ~ the history of the fallen sons of God began! But God has never ceased in His effort to get 'humanity' to realize what manner of beings we are! Which brings us to the birth of Him whom was named 'Jesus'! Christianity has been led to believe that the birth of Jesus was a Virgin birth! In a sense it was! When the Holy Spirit 'came upon' Mary, she experienced the Spiritual Rebirth ~ which is always a Virgin birth! Only this 'birth' took place in her consciousness! She saw (Spiritually speaking) that man and God were ONE! The Spiritual Rebirth, is always a Virgin birth ~ a 'birth' that takes place in the consciousness of whoever should come to see that God is the "I" within them! Every human child that has ever been born on Planet Earth, has been and always will be ~ God (the Father) in the infant stage of development! (The Divine Mind individualized) Mary did not give birth to 'Jesus' ~ she gave birth to God (the Father) as an infant! And she was instructed to NAME Him 'Jesus' ~ a name that means God with us! A name that really means God IS US! For to walk 'with' God ~ is to walk AS God!

Enoch walked 'with' God and transcended. Noah walked 'with' God and God spared him and his family. Jesus walked 'with' God and He too transcended. But more than that ~ not only did He walk 'with' God ~ He walked AS GOD ~ as we can do (through faith) once we realize that God is the "I" within us! It was this that Mary taught her son from the cradle! It was this that inspired Him to walk AS His heavenly Father! Through faith in what His Mother taught Him He became the greatest Spiritual healer and teacher the World has ever known! And told us that we too could do the things He did and EVEN GREATER things ~ once we realize that God is the "I" within us! But few, if any, have realized that God is the "I" within them! This is what He could not get anyone to see! Even though His disciples walked with Him for three years they never realized this great Truth ~ that God was the "I" within them! Show us the Father ~ Phillip said on the eve of his crucifixion ~ and it shall sufficeth us! To which He replied ~ he who hath seen me ~ hath seen the Father! There is ONLY the Father! As I have said ~ every human child that has ever been born on Planet Earth (male or female) is God (the Father) in the infant stage of development! There is no one besides or other than the Father! He (God) is the "I" within every 'man' (male or female) on Planet Earth! Read Isaiah 45-22 ~ Look unto me and be ye saved, all the ends of the Earth ~ for "I" am God and there is none else!

The concept of the Spiritual Rebirth as promoted by the Worlds Evangelical religions is erroneous! All 'their' concept does ~ is 'convert' the unenlightened Spiritual seeker to 'their' Religion! It does not result in their Spiritual rebirth ~ in their being 'born again'! Only when we see that God is the "I" within us, can we experience the Spiritual rebirth! Only then can we walk AS God. Only then (through faith in that belief) can we function AS Him who was named Jesus! Only then can we attain the transfiguration and the ascension! 'Man' ~ is the only organism on the Planet that embodies the capacity to bypass physical death ~ but only as we walk As Him ~ AS God! As He said in St. John 11-26 ~ 'whosoever liveth and believeth in me (AS me) shall never die'! And we can only function AS Him ~ when we realize (through faith) that He is the "I" within us! These are things the World has failed to see!

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