Every 'man', (and every woman) on Planet Earth,

Every 'man', (and every woman) on Planet Earth, is God (the Divine Mid) individualized! And in order for us to function AS God's, we have but to realize that the "I" within us, IS God, and the person our parents created when they named us at our birth, is but the illusion in which we have been taught, (through ignorance of this Truth) to function! And every Church on Earth is guilty of having failed to so instruct their congregation!

If the members of their congregations were made to see this, and yet refused to live in their I am that I am identity, the Church could not be blamed for the loss of their souls, their lives! (For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole World and lose his own soul?). Millions may have chosen to live as mere men, but millions might have chosen to walk AS the Father, as Jesus walked! But they were never told the Truth pertaining to the Spiritual Rebirth! The concept of the Spiritual Rebirth as taught by the Evangelical Churches of the World, does not enable the Spiritual seeker to walk as Jesus walked! It leads them to a Spiritual 'conversion' only! It does not enable them to see that they have no 'being' as the person their parents created when they named them at their birth! It does not enable them to see that their 'heavenly' father, is also their 'Earthly' father! It does not enable them to see that 'man' and God, are One! So they go through life functioning as the person their parents created when they named them, never ever realizing that they die as men because they live as men!

As He hung on the cross, He said, "forgive them Father, for they know not what they do". If I were a 'Minister', I know I would be forgiven for my ignorance if I failed to teach my followers that there was an alternative to 'physical' death. But how could I expect to be forgiven if I believed this and still refused to teach it? What might be even worse, is the refusal of the 'so called enlightened' to refuse to even consider the validity of what I have written? After all, my background is as far removed from Spirituality as one can get. I was a used car dealer! If they could not believe a humble carpenter who told them that He was no different from them, how can they be expected to believe a used car salesman?

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