The entire world has missed the message.

We are all One, and that One, is the Spirit of God! Had the Entire World not missed the message contained in the Biblical account of the Life of Jesus, the World would be a much different place today. It would not be under the control of 'men'. In the book of Jasher, we read that under the control of Enoch, followed by his son Methuselah, there was 1000 years of peace, . The Bible says that Enoch walked 'with' God. It also tells us that God called him to Heaven that he might teach the sons of God in Heaven as he had taught the sons of men on Earth. Which tells me that Enoch walked AS God…as Jesus did! It was then that I saw that to walk 'with' God, was synonymous to walking AS God! This started my quest to tell the World that man is God embodied, knowing that humanity was totally in the dark on how to make it known, as was I. I had been writing short essays in search of answers and had chosen 'Points of Light' as a title for these essays.

I was in Hawaii when I first saw that we were all One, and what that One was. I saw that in spite of our many differences, we shared a common Source. I visualized the Life force being instantaneously withdrawn from the Island and imagined what would take place. Immediately every one would be gasping and writhing about for lack of air. Many would die from the sudden lack of oxygen. Then I visualized that suddenly the Life force was back, and immediately people filled their lungs with life giving air. People began looking about asking what happened. It was then I saw that each of us existed because of this Life force…this 'Spirit'. It sustained me, and it sustained every one else on the Island. To it we owed our existence. So what is this 'Spirit'? It was the Life of every one, the consciousness of every one, the reality of every one, for without it we would not exist .I thought of what Jesus said in the scriptures, knowing that He like Enoch, functioned As God…I am the Life…I am the light of the World…I am the Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the World, I am the Vine and ye are the branches…without me you can do nothing. It was then that I saw that what this Life force (this Spirit) was, was what we were, and that IT, was the reality of every man/woman on Earth. I saw that we were all One, and that that One, was the "I" within us. Without this Life force, nothing would exist. We have no being apart from 'It'. Now I saw that IT was not only 'what' I was, but was also 'who' I was. I and this Life force…this Spirit, were One. IT… was who I was. Now I started thinking on how humanity had missed seeing this. And how did I come to think I was 'Robert Clark'? After I had written over 100 of these one page essays, it dawned on me that what I had written was the Christ Mind, and there has not been a day since then that this has not consumed my thinking.

My book, plus the many short essays I have written since, is the product of my searching. I owe much to those who were searching before I got on the path. Such men as Troward, MacDonald Bayne, Spalding, Holmes, Goldsmith, Tryne, Jeffery, and many more. And of course the greatest book of all. The Holy Bible, of which I have stuck strictly with the King James Version. I hope that my book will help those who have just begun their quest for God, as the authors of these books have helped me.

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