Our desires...

Our desires set in motion the 'creation' of what we desire!

We read in the Bible that God is the 'Light of the World'…the Light that lighteth every man that commeth into the World. This Life, is the Light of men. Consciousness, is synonymous with Life! Where there is Life, there is consciousness (or vice versa.) We read in 1st. John that God is Light. In other words… God is 'consciousness', and Gods consciousness, is our consciousness…our 'awareness'! We have 'awareness of being', because Gods consciousness is 'our awareness'. His consciousness, is the Vine…we are the 'branches'. If it were not for 'His consciousness'… 'we' would not exist! All that 'we' are, is the 'consciousness' of God (the Mind of God) embodied, and apart from 'Him' (the Mind of God)… 'we'… have no being! God's consciousness and the Universal mind, are synonymous. "We"…are not 'plugged' into this Universal Mind. We (mankind) are but individual 'outlets' through which it is able to give expression to itself As God…if only it could get 'access' to the World of form. But it cannot express itself as the Universal Spirit, because our Earthly parents give us 'names' at our birth. So instead of us functioning as the Creative 'Spirit of God', (as branches of the Vine) we function as the 'person' our parents created when they named us, thus denying 'God' access to the world of form! God is the "I"…the Light within us. The Light that shines in the darkness, but the darkness 'comprehendeth' it not.

When we think…we are God thinking, only we think it is 'us' (the person our parents created when they named us at our birth), who is thinking. (Whether we know this or not, is immaterial) But…because we are God thinking, our thoughts are creative! Only we don't think AS God…we think as we perceive ourselves to be… we think as the 'person' our parents created when they named us and thus do we create the beliefs that divide us! This is why there is so much confusion in the World. Jesus functioned AS the Father…AS the 'Universal' Mind. He knew that He and the Universal (the Father) were One and the same! And…God's thoughts are creative (Let there be light, and there was Light!) This is why we have been admonished to seek the Christ Mind. Our desires set in motion the 'creation' of what we desire…if we only knew it! (Because we are God thinking!) All we need do is give thanks and know that our thoughts are Gods thoughts, and that God's thoughts are creative! "His" thoughts… will not return unto Him (you) void! Thus… His 'desires' give being to His desires!

We read in Matthew 6… 'Take no thought for what ye shall eat or drink or where with all ye shall be clothed', for our Father (the Universal consciousness), knows what we are in need of, without our even asking! (This is because IT… 'The Mind of God", is what we are…it's what a 'man' is!) The Universal consciousness knows what we are in need of, without our asking. It knows what we are thinking, because It… is Who is thinking when we think, and It's thoughts are creative! We do not have to ask 'God' for any 'specific' thing… we have but to give thanks for already 'having' what we need, knowing that our Father already knew what it was "HE" wanted. God's desires… create God's needs! (Your thoughts, are God's thoughts!) 'Your' thoughts of what you need, are Gods thoughts of what HE needs because you and 'God', are One and the same! (Your thoughts are His thoughts…"you"…the 'person' you believe yourself to be, don't even exist!) Thus… 'our' thoughts pertaining to our needs set in motion the creation of our needs! (Because we are God thinking) So all we have to do is 'give thanks' for already having whatever it is we are in 'need' of, knowing that 'HIS" thoughts are creative and all that is necessary on our part is to have faith in His ('our') creativity, and without question our needs will just appear! (i.e. Thank you Father, for I know that whatever I have need of is already mine, thanks to the 'law', that 'my' desires give 'being' to 'my' desires …(that Gods needs give being to Gods needs!) All that is required of us is to have FAITH…even the faith of a little child!

Jesus knew that He and the Father were One. He knew that there was not God AND Him…that there was ONLY God! He knew that His thoughts, were Gods thoughts. So He knew that His needs, were Gods needs and that Gods needs …give 'being' to Gods needs! All He ('Jesus') did was give thanks, and His faith in His (God's) creativity filled the baskets with loaves and fishes. It was not His faith that a God apart from Him would hear and answer His prayer. His faith was based in His belief that He and God were One! "I and my Father are One!"

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