But the 'darkness' knows it not.

If you want to get to know me…be me!

In several places throughout my book, I have said the following. "Every 'human' child born on Planet Earth, is God in the infant stage of development". Perhaps it might be more correct to say, "God is the reality of every 'human' child that has ever been born on Planet Earth." This is true regardless of race, language, religion, color or culture! But virtually no one on Earth is aware of this amazing Truth. Is it not the responsibility of the Church to make us aware of this?

When God created Adam, there was no way "Adam" could have known what manner of being he was. There was no way he could have known that he was One with the creator of the Universe. The only thing he knew was that he was not to 'eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, else he would surely die'. This had to have been an inner sense of knowing right from wrong, for there was no one there to tell him otherwise! This is very much the case with ever child that has ever been born. There is no one there to tell us what manner of beings we are, or who we really are. It is written in Matthew " call no man your father upon the Earth, for one is your father, which is in heaven". (This being the case… can anyone doubt that 'every child born on Planet Earth, is God in the infant stage of development'?) Remember… it wasn't 'Adam' the 'man' who fell…it was God who fell! Adam and God, were One and the same! (He made 'man' (us all) in His image and likeness). So too is it with us. It is not the 'person' our parents created when they named us, that chooses to live as a 'man'. It is the "I" within us, that is the still small voice that tells us right from wrong, but for the most part we pay little or no attention to it, until eventually…it ceases to 'speak' to us! Being oblivious of who and what we are, we simply grow into becoming the person we were made to believe ourselves to be. As Adam grew into being 'Adam'…the 'person' he had come to believe himself to be!

But man embodies the same intuitive sense that 'Adam' had. (It's an attribute of God) Each of us is also endowed with it. It was this intuitive sense that led Enoch to walk in such a manner that it 'pleased God'. That intuitive sense combined with Enoch's experience must have directed Noah to walk in such a manner that He too pleased God. But again, 'sons of God' chose to walk As men. It has always been 'sons of God', who chose to walk as men. Why…because only God has being, and God does not give being to "men"…to the person we believe ourselves to be. God is the reality of the whole of humanity, only humanity is unaware of this amazing truth! God is the "I" within ever 'child' that has ever been born! And 'no man', (no John or Jane Doe) has any being! The ONLY 'thing' that has being, is God…the Source! It is the "I" within us that makes the choice whether we know this or not! As I have said, the whole of humanity is functioning in an illusion! If it was known world wide that the "I" within each of us is God, and if we were to teach our children this from the cradle, we might once again have Peace on Earth! A peace such as the peace that existed for 1000 years during the life of Enoch and His son Methuselah!

Jesus must have been told what manner of being he was by His Mother. His Mother had to have known what manner of being her forthcoming child was. (for that which is conceived in her, is of the Holy Ghost) And He too (Jesus) knew what 'man' was capable of being because He told us that we too could do the things that He did, and that we could do even greater things. It should be the number one priority of every Church on Earth to consider His teachings from this perspective. Man, is God embodied! He did not come to die for our sins that we might be saved, He came to show us what manner of beings we so called 'human beings' really are! He came to show us that 'man' was indeed, God embodied! This was what Calvary was all about! Should we realize that God is the "I" within us, and should we choose to sincerely and consistently walk in that consciousness, we need never die! Therein lies our individual salvation and the salvation of humanity! As it is, 'Humanity', is God walking in darkness, for God is the "I" within every 'man' on Earth! The 'light' that shines in the darkness, but the darkness knows it not

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