The concept of the Spiritual rebirth...

The concept of the Spiritual rebirth as promoted by the Evangelical Churches of the world, does not result in us being 'born again'! It brings about a Spiritual conversion ONLY! Before we can experience the Spiritual Rebirth, we must "realize" (and acknowledge) that God is the "I" within us! To make it abundantly clear, the 'John Doe' you believe yourself to be, is but the illusion in which you are living. God (the Father), IS THE REAL YOU! You are God walking around in this world of form, but you think you are the person your parents created when they named you! Stop and think of how profound that is! No matter to what man or woman you are talking to, you are actually talking to God! THERE IS NO ONE BESIDES OR OTHER THAN GOD...THE FATHER! "I" and the Father, are ONE! The "I" within us IS THE FATHER! Just sit back and contemplate that! This was what Jesus could not get anyone to see. This is why He asked Peter "But whom do "you" say that "I" am? (Matthew 16:15.) Jesus thought Peter saw it, (On this truth (this rock), I will build my Church, and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it, He said) But Peter did not see it! Peter thought "Jesus" was the Christ, but didn't realize that so too is every other man/woman on the face of the Planet! (Regardless of what name our parents had named us!) The "I" within each of us, IS THE FATHER! THERE IS ONLY THE FATHER! When we realize this, we begin to take upon ourselves the likeness of the Father. It is that likeness that is the Christ! WE are all One, and that ONE, IS THE FATHER. He is the "I" within us! In that consciousness, we need never die! ("I" and my Father, Are One!)

Did you mean to say that you read my entire site and did not see this? It is so profound that it is virtually impossible to believe this could be. But mull it over. Ponder upon it, and I guarantee when you see it, it will blow you away! YES! Man. is God embodied! EVERY 'man' (and every 'woman') on Earth!

Thoughts are like seeds, they take time to 'germinate' and 'sprout'! Truth in the Bible is symbolic with water. He that drinketh the water that I give him shall never thirst (St. John 4:13) Read it over again and when you see it, you will never be the same again! Then it will not be the John Doe you believe yourself to be that is striving to walk AS God, it will be the Father BEING the Father... God being God!

God... is what a 'man' is! God is the "I" within us, and the person our parents created when they named us, is but the illusion in which we live (and die). But should we KNOW this, and function in "this" consciousness, (As the Father.) WE NEED NEVER DIE!


May this be the year of Humanities awakening!

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