How could the Churches of the World...

How could the Churches of the World have missed seeing it? There are millions of Churches or religious 'houses' of worship through out the World, in which people of all colors and faiths go to worship and pay homage to their creator. With virtually no one (male or female) being aware of the fact that they are the Creator individualized. No more aware than 'Adam' and 'Eve' were when God made 'them' in His image and likeness. Both Adam and Eve saw themselves as having 'being' separate and apart from God. Just as men do today. That we might see that 'man' and God are One and the same, was why the Holy Ghost (the Spirit of God) 'came upon 'Mary'. It had nothing to do with the 'birth' of her 'forth coming' child. It had to do with her being filled with the Holy Spirit, the 'Truth'. The 'Virgin birth' took place in Mary's consciousness, not in her womb! She experienced the Spiritual Rebirth! She saw that man and God were One! She saw that her forth-coming child was God (the Father) in the infant stage of development. It was this she taught her son from the cradle. It was this understanding that inspired Him (Jesus) to walk AS the Father, (through faith in this belief)! It was in this consciousness, that He healed the sick, gave sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf. Through faith in this belief, He fed the multitudes, turned water into wine, raised the dead and transcended!

It wasn't 'Jesus' that Mary gave birth to in that manger in Bethlehem; it was the 'Father' that came into 'visible being' at the birth of her child! Every 'human child' that has ever been born on Planet Earth, has been (and always will be) God the Father, in the infant stage of development! (He made us in His image and likeness. Read Genesis 1: 26) It was the 'Father' that Mary and Joseph were told to name 'Jesus'! This is why I have so often emphasized that 'no John or Jane Doe has any being! Only God (the Father) has being! So in ignorance of being God individualized, we live out our lives functioning in an illusion. Believing ourselves to be the 'person' our parents named us at our birth. That we might realize we were (are) sons and daughters of God, was why God Himself (Jesus) suffered the agony of the cross! He did not come to 'take upon Himself our sins and die in our stead'. He came to show us what manner of beings we are! He came to show us that we are actually sons and daughters of God by birth, but virtually no one got the message!

He came to show us there was a way for us to once again enter the Kingdom of God. That we could indeed be what we were created to be! He said we must be 'born again'! Except we be 'born again' (the Spiritual Rebirth!) we cannot 'enter' the Kingdom from which our ancestors (Adam and Eve) fell! But unfortunately the Church has failed to find the keys to that 'Kingdom'! It lies in the realization that God (the Father) is the "I" within us! Through the concept of the Spiritual Rebirth as promoted by the Evangelical religions of the World, it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to 'see' that God is our reality... (that 'man' and God, are ONE!) Only when we realize that the "I" within us, is God (the Father), can we realize that we are 'actually' sons and daughters of God. Only then can we 'see' (spiritually speaking) that sons and daughters of 'men', are actually sons and daughters of God! Then, through faith in that belief, we can indeed function As God (As "Jesus" did!) Every man/woman on Earth, is the Spirit of God embodied. We are Gods by birth... believe it or not! He gave 'being' to each of us, as He gave being to Adam and Eve (By 'becoming' us!) But He did not give 'being' to the person we believe ourselves to be! Our parents did that when they named us at our birth. Thus the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth (the realization that God is the "I" within us.) But thanks to the erroneous concept of the Spiritual Rebirth as promoted by the Worlds Churches the World has missed seeing it.

And now there are some six or seven billion 'sons and daughters' of God on Earth, who believe 'they' have being of themselves, (As did 'Adam' and "Eve") when in fact, there is actually NO ONE other than God! The World is spiritually bankrupt! The belief that we have being apart from our Source has led to all the problems we see throughout the World. There is only that which is God. The Spirit of God is the reality of every living 'thing'! Through out the World, there are men who speak a 'specific language' and function in a specific state of mind, who strive to impose their 'state of mind on others'. For instance, Black 'men' think they are 'Africans' and that Africa belongs to 'them', as do 'Natives' throughout the World, who think that their 'country of birth' belongs to 'them'. Where as no one owes another for the privilege of 'being here', for no one played any role in 'their' coming into being! The truth is, there is Only God! No One has any being... any reality apart from God! This Planet is Gods 'Garden of Eden', and No One owns any part of it! It is actually Gods Kingdom on Earth, where every one and every 'thing' was meant to live in harmony, with man being a steward over every other living 'thing'. Every 'thing', is God manifesting AS that 'thing', and no one owes any one, or any 'thing', for the privilege of being here, for we are All One, and God, is that One!

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