When Jesus asked Peter...

When Jesus asked Peter "Whom do men say that "I" the son of man am", and Peter replied, 'thou art the Christ, the son of the living God', He (Jesus) thought Peter had received this 'revelation' from above. This is what prompted Him to say "And upon this rock (this truth), I will build my Church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it".

Is it not the purpose of the Church that humanity should come to realize that 'man' is God individualized? To realize that every son/daughter of 'man' embodies the capacity to be the Christ? That we might realize that this, was Gods reason for creating the 'organisms' known as 'man', that we might function and fellowship as sons and daughters of God, to the glory of God? That we might come to realize that sons and daughters of God need never die, and that this is only possible as we function AS our Heavenly father? And as we walk AS our Heavenly Father, our physical bodies will undergo a major transformation known as the transfiguration, enabling us to ascend into the Heavens as sons and daughters of God in every sense of the word?

And how did He who was known as Jesus do it? By 'walking' AS the Father! By realizing that the "I" within Him was the Father! By realizing that the Father is the "I" within every man/woman that has ever walked the face of the Earth! Faith in this truth led Him to dare to be what God said we are, proving that God did indeed 'make man' in His image and likeness! And as He walked in this realization (in God consciousness), the substance of His body was transformed into what God (the Source) IS! LIFE! Pure and perfect Mind! The 'stuff' of the Universe! And because we have individual 'reality' NOW, we will have individual reality forever! Transformed into beings of light, becoming the Source by 'being' the Source! What else could we be, if He made us in His image and likeness? Only those who have transcended have ever matured as Gods in every sense of the Word. What achievement on Earth could equal that?

And this attainment is only possible as we function as the Father, as the "I" within us. That we might attain this goal is the purpose of the Church. We are told that the Bible was written by men inspired of God. And I agree with that. But it was written for the most part, by men who thought AS men, not by men who thought as God! Much of the Old Testament was written by men who 'walked "with" God' (But by men who did not KNOW that they were God individualized!) Most if not all of the New Testament was written by men inspired of God as well. But by men who functioned as though they had being separate and apart from God. By men who functioned as men.

From what I have observed, every major religion worships a God of some description, with all of them claiming their God to be the One and only God. I believe that the revelation that took place in the consciousness of Mary, amounted to her realizing that the organisms known as 'man', were actually the Divine Mind individualized, the Divine Mind embodied! She realized that man and God, were one and the same. Her realization became known as the 'Virgin Birth'! Thanks to her realization, she was able to instruct her child of this (whom she named Jesus). Instilling in Him a burning desire to become what He had been made to believe a 'man' was created to be. So from His childhood, He functioned As a 'son' of God. AS His 'Heavenly Father', believing He had but to ask or decree a 'thing' into being, and His desire would manifest! Had Mary not had this Spiritual revelation (via the 'Holy Spirit'), it is very unlikely her son would have become the most complete and perfect individual in the history of humanity. He realized as a child that man was God embodied, and that this great Truth had been lost to humanity. It was this that He tried to get humanity to see some 2000 years ago. He did not 'come' to take upon Himself, and die for, the sins of humanity. His purpose was to enlighten humanity! That they might see what manner of beings so called 'human beings' really are! ('The things you see me do, you can do also, if you will only believe'! Of myself I can do nothing, it is the Father within me that is the doer'. The "I" within me is the Father... we are One and the same! Ask and it shall be given, but ask believing, and ye shall receive.)

But no one seemingly 'grasped' the significance of what He was telling them. They had been told by their prophets that a savior would be coming, but it never entered their minds that their 'savior' was the "I" within them. Their salvation lay in the realization that they too were God individualized! But they never got this message! They believed that 'they' had being as the person they believed themselves to be. It never dawned on them that the "I" within them was God, the Father, so they failed to grasp what Jesus was trying to get them to see. They failed to realize that God was the "I" within them. They had but to walk in their I am that I am identity in order to 'work out their own salvation'. Nor has humanity realized this to this day. They continue to search for the God of their Salvation, never ever realizing that He dwells within them. Never ever realizing that He is the "I" within them, the Father, their true identity! Nor has it ever dawned upon them that the 'person' their parents created when they named them, is the 'Satan' that keeps them from discovering their real self .the God of their salvation. That we might realize all of the above, must surely be the purpose of the Church. Did He not prove all of the above and tell us that what He did, we could do also, and possibly even greater things?

We must come to realize that this 'person' our parents created when they named us, is but the illusion in which we have been 'walking'. It is not our reality! The "I" within us is our reality, and that "I", is God, the Father. Only as we function AS THE FATHER, can we 'enter' His kingdom (Can we attain God consciousness.) To so instruct us, is the purpose of the Church.

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