I received an email the other day...

I received an email the other day from a 'born again' Christian in which he states, "I am a Born Again Christian, and my hope is that you may come to see the Truth about who Jesus truly is. You still won't say it directly, but you most certainly do deny that Jesus Christ is Lord. You have no basis for your new age theories beyond your own imagination and desire to think that you are God". I had replied in detail to a previous email from him explaining to him that God is the reality of every man/woman on the Planet. Not only did I believe that Jesus was indeed the Christ, but that so too does every other person embody the capacity to be the Christ as well.

I explained to him that it was not 'Jesus' that was born of Mary in that manger in Bethlehem some 2000 years ago. It was the Father in the infant stage of development that she gave birth to, and that it was the Father whom she named 'Jesus'. I told him that when his mother gave birth, her child was also the Father in the infant stage of development, but she named him (the Father) James and my mother named Him (me) Robert. It is the Father who is the Christ! When we see that the "I" within us, is the Father, we take upon ourselves the likeness of the Father! (Providing we choose to walk AS Him, as 'Jesus' walked. Providing we choose to 'follow' him. Come and follow me He said) That 'likeness', is the Christ! Our names have hidden our True identity. And through the concept of the Spiritual Rebirth that has been (and still is being) promoted by the Evangelical World, it is impossible for a 'man' to be 'born again'. They still believe themselves to be the person their parents created when they named them at their birth! Only when we come to realize that the "I" within us, is the Father, can we experience the Spiritual Rebirth, can we be 'born again'! Only then can we see that we truly are sons and daughters of God. In fact, we are sons and daughters of God by birth, only we don't realize this! It is for this reason that we 'must be born again'!

Thoughts are like seeds, they take time to 'germinate' and more time to sprout and develop in our consciousness. But nothing will happen if we don't ponder upon these thoughts.

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