The amazing truth is this...

The amazing truth is this ~ every 'man' ~ male or female ~ Is God ~ the Omniscient Life force embodied in a temple of flesh! God The Father, is the reality of the whole of Humanity. All we lack is the awareness that God is the "I" within us! No matter what name our parents would have named us ~ we would still say ~ Hello, I am so and so ~ or I am known as! THERE IS ONLY THE "I" ~ The Father. It is He that is our reality! How could it be otherwise? Did God not say ~ I am the Vine ~ ye are the branches? Can a branch be anything other than the Vine? Every child that has ever been born on planet Earth, has been (and always will be) God ~ the Father ~ in the infant stage of development ~ yet the whole world is virtually oblivious of this amazing Truth. Man is the Spirit of God individualized ~ but we function as though God were somewhere up in the sky ~ totally oblivious of the fact that we are the God we have been searching for. Nor are we aware of the fact that the person we believe ourselves to be ~ is the Satan we have been warned to avoid.

When we are aware of the fact that every 'man/woman' on earth is the Spirit of God embodied, we should no longer wonder why someone so perfect as God ~ should suffer from so many different afflictions. The answer to that is very simple ~ we are creative beings! As we think so do we create! If we were fully aware of being God ~ the Father individualized, we would never be less than perfect! There is not Him and us ~ there is ONLY HIM who is Never less than perfect! Whether we know this or not, this is the reason so many people are sick. Knowing that God is every 'mans' reality, is what enabled Jesus to become the greatest Spiritual healer that has ever lived. Realizing who He was, and knowing that every one on Earth was God the Father in the flesh ~ enabled Him to state without equivocation ~ you are already whole, or you are already perfect ~ and they were made whole as if by magic!

The most astounding Truth on Earth is this. If every man/woman on Earth were to say, "I and my Father are One" ~ they would be speaking the truth! Every man/woman on Earth ~ is the Spirit of God ~ (the Father) ~ manifesting in a temple of flesh! The Spirit of God embodied ~ is what 'man' is ~ (be they male or female!) [Read First Corinthians 3: 16 and 17.] Know ye not that ye are the temple of God ~ and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you ~ for the temple of God is Holy ~ which temple ye are. God gave being to each of us ~ by 'becoming' each of us ~ by 'being' each of us! Have I not said ~ every child born on Planet Earth ~ is (and always has been) God (The Father) in the infant stage of development? But we are not aware of this because we have never been made to see this! (Spiritually speaking) Humanity has never seen this! Without this awareness ~ we can never be more than the 'man' or 'woman' we believe ourselves to be! Only when we come to realize that God is the "I" within us ~ can we see that we are nothing less than sons and daughters of God! Only then can we function AS the Father ~ as did he who was named 'Jesus'!

When we think ~ it is actually the Spirit of God that is thinking! There is not the Spirit of God ~ AND US ~ there is only the Spirit of God! IT ~ IS US ~ it is what we are! In ignorance of this we think as the person our parents created when they named us ~ and so we think and create as we perceive ourselves to be. And the whole of humanity is in this 'head space'! Everyone thinks he/she has 'being' apart from the Spirit of God! Whereas each of us is the Spirit of God (the Divine mind) individualized ~ but virtually no one on Earth is aware of this. Thus the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth ~ which can only take place through the realization that God is the "I" within us ~ the "I" WITHIN EVERY ONE! Until this is realized ~ there will never be Peace on Earth!

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