All 'men' must die.

Why? To protect the way of the tree of Life! It would never do to allow man to live, plunder and destroy other forms of Life forever. What is happening to this Planet today, can not continue! Men are plundering the natural resources at an appalling rate. All for personal power and personal gain. God limits our time here on Earth in order to allow the 'wounds' inflicted on Planet Earth to 'heal' as it were. But we are destroying the environment at such a rate that only Divine intervention can save us from the disastrous effects of personal greed. Nearly every one is striving for greater wealth and prestige. No one is willing to settle for less. Men are never satisfied with what they have. Every one wants more. So Only Divine intervention can restore this Planet to the original image held in the Mind of God. The original image held in the Divine Mind will not have changed. When mans destructiveness reaches the point of no return, Divine Law will set in motion a cataclysmic event that will destroy the cause. No one will know when this point has been reached. With God a day is as a thousand years. But one thing we can be sure of…the image of this Planet as held in the Divine mind, will be restored to what it was in the beginning. Some 'seed' will survive, and man will once again start where 'Adam' started thousands of years ago.

Further more, all 'men' must die, because all 'men' are but illusions. No 'man', (no John or Jane Doe) has any being. Only God has being…only the Source is! (Only the Vine has being) That, which God is, is the only 'thing' on Earth that has being…the only 'thing' that lives. Life does not give being to any 'thing'; it gives being only to itself AS every 'thing'! We are creative beings because we are God individualized! Only we think and create AS we perceive ourselves to be. As we have free will, we are free to think and create as we wish, but the results generally become disastrous, producing conditions like what we see on Earth today. How long will it take for humanity to realize that God is the "I" within every man/woman on Earth? Surely this is not too deep for the religious elite to grasp. If our religious leaders taught this it would not be long before the Christ Mind began to permeate the Worlds consciousness. That the World might realize this, was Jesus' most fervent desire.

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