What might the World be like today...

What might the World be like today, if Adam and Eve had known that they were God individualized, and not mere 'men/women'?

We cannot blame our parents for not teaching us to believe what the Holy Spirit revealed to Mary. But we can blame the Churches of the world! They have most certainly failed to realize that man and God are One. How could they have failed to do so, when it states so emphatically in Genesis that God made us in His image and likeness? How could they not have seen this with the creation of Adam and Eve? No mention was ever made that 'their' children could be nothing less than children of God. Instead we were made to believe it is all the result of the 'fall of man'. They failed to realize that creating 'man', was Gods way of creating Gods! And because of Adam's sinning, he 'fell'! And as a consequence of his fall, 'man' (sons and daughters of God) could never again 'enter' the Kingdom of God, as 'living' Spiritual beings (According to the teaching of the Church)! And it was for this reason that the Holy Spirit 'came upon' Mary! That through her son, humanity might 'find their way back into Gods Kingdom'! But the disciples blew it! And because they blew it, the Church blindly followed 'their' teachings. It amounted to the blind leading the blind! And because of the warnings in the last book of the Bible that anyone changing one word in the scriptures, would bring upon themselves the wrath of God, no 'thinking' person has dared to question the validity of the scriptures. And so the blind have continued to follow the blind. (Oh it is all right for the Church to alter the scriptures to fit their concepts of the scriptures, but don't let any of their congregation try it.) When I saw the relationship of the branch to the Vine, I could no longer shut my eyes to what to me, was the obvious. It was then that I started to question the status quo! It was then that I realized that the concept of the Spiritual Rebirth that was being promoted by the Church was erroneous! There was no way it could lead us into realizing that man and God, are One! Only when we realize that the "I" within us is God (the Father), can we experience the Spiritual Rebirth. Only then can we function AS the Father (As Jesus did) Till then, a 'man' (a John or Jane Doe) can do no more than his/her best to be 'somewhat' like Him.

We can only get from the scriptures, what we take to the scriptures. If we are convinced that what the Church teaches us is the truth, we read the scriptures searching for verification of those beliefs. When I saw that the branch can be no different than the Vine that gave it being, I began to think AS the Vine! It took several years for me to realize that "I" and the Vine (the Father) were One! It was then that I realized that to function AS the Vine, was to function As the Christ. This was the Christ Mind, the consciousness in which Jesus functioned! It was so obvious, I thought the entire World would enthusiastically embrace this truth. But not so. The World proved to be no different from the disciples. It seemingly had never dawned on anyone that they were God embodied. So only a few have grasped what I am saying. So we cannot blame anyone in particular, for thoughts are like seeds. They take time to 'germinate' and take 'root'. And they take time to 'develop' to maturity. We can not become as the Master (As Him who was known as Jesus) overnight. Anymore than we can become a Doctor, a Dentist, a lawyer, a carpenter, or a master of any vocation over night. It takes years to become adept at our chosen profession. So too will it take us years to achieve Christ consciousness, the Mind in which Jesus functioned!

It cannot yet be said that the World now functions As God, for such is definitely not the case! But only in the past few years has it been made known that 'man' CAN (through faith) function As God, once we realize that God is the "I" within us! Men have for years tried to function As God, but failed miserably. Because they have tried as 'men' to walk As God; refusing to acknowledge Him (the Father), as their reality! They have yet to realize that NO John or Jane Doe on Earth has any 'being'! (No 'branch' has any being of itself!) There is ONLY the Vine; there is ONLY GOD! The SPIRIT of GOD embodied, is what a 'man' is! Let me put it another way. Man. is but the Spirit of God manifesting in a temple of flesh and blood! And the SPIRIT OF GOD, IS PERFECT! This is what Jesus knew. This understanding enabled Him to become the greatest Spiritual healer the World has ever known! He realized the significance of what God said to Adam when He said "Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat, but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat. For in the day thou eatest thereof, thou shalt surely die!" Because we are God individualized, we are creative beings! We create AS we perceive ourselves to be! Should we believe in evil, we create the evil we believe in! But Jesus not only knew that He was God embodied, He also knew that there was ONLY GOD, and He knew that God was perfect! ALWAYS! It was for this reason He was able to heal the sick and the maimed by decree! Knowing that 'man' was the 'Spirit of God' embodied, He simply said with out equivocation, 'You are already perfect', and they were made whole'! Absolute unwavering faith in this truth, is all that is required for any believer to become a Spiritual Healer. As I said, I wonder what 'humanity' would be like today, if Adam and Eve had known that they were God individualized?

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