When we speak of Adam...

When we speak of Adam being the first man God created, we think of him and Eve, as being the first 'couple'. But what we have failed to realize, is that every 'human' child born on Planet Earth, has been (and forever will be) God, the Father, in the infant stage of development. Children of men are actually children of God by birth! For both Adam and Eve, were made in the image and likeness of God; enabling them to give birth to children 'after their kind'! (Like unto God) Meaning that children of men, are actually children of God, and will give birth to 'children of God' in perpetuity!

But we have also failed to realize, that the word 'Adam' (Besides being the first man created by God) means 'mankind collectively'. The word 'Adam' is synonymous with the word 'mankind'! Only we think of 'mankind' as being 'human' beings! Not as being sons and daughters of God, but, as 'human' beings! Thus the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth! The word 'Jesus' also means 'mankind collectively'! It is who we will see ourselves as being, (God individualized) AFTER we have been ''born again''; after experiencing the Spiritual Rebirth (the Virgin Birth)! For only as we function As the Father, can we function AS the Christ! (Because, there is only the Father!) Every child ever born on Planet Earth, is (was) God the Father, in the infant stage of development! He is the "I" within us! 'Jesus', was only His name! "Jesus", is a name that depicts what manner of being a 'man' is. It aptly describes every child that has ever been born on Planet Earth, male or female, as being God! It's a name that means 'God with us', or 'God is us'! Technically speaking; what "Jesus" was, is what we all are!

Before experiencing the Spiritual Rebirth, every one functions as 'Adam' (as a man)! (As the person our parents created when they named us!) After the Spiritual Rebirth anyone, and yes, 'everyone', is capable of functioning AS the Lord Jesus Christ! (After they have been 'born again'!) When our politicians campaign for office, they present themselves as if they were Jesus Christ, but after they get elected, they revert to functioning as Adam (as 'men')! Only because they have failed to realize that God is their reality; and so they continue to function as a 'man'; (as the person their parents created when they named them!)

The purpose of the Spiritual Rebirth is to enable us (anyone) to function As the Christ! Once we see and acknowledge God (the Father), as being the "I" within us! Then we can (If we so choose) function as the Lord Jesus Christ! That we could function as Christ's, is why God made 'man' in His image and likeness! And through the Spiritual Rebirth, whoever should choose to, can re enter Gods kingdom (can once again function in the 'Christ Mind'). That State of Mind in which 'Adam and Eve' failed to discover! They, (Adam and Eve) functioned AS 'men', as mere 'human' beings. It was their state of mind, that brought about their expulsion from the 'Garden of Eden! And so long as humanity continues to function as mere men, they shall continue to plunder and make war with each other! In reality, humanity has NEVER been less than 'sons and daughters' of God 'walking in darkness'! Thus the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth! For except we be 'born again', we cannot extricate ourselves from the 'hell' that 'men' have created right here on Planet Earth. All because we have never realized that man and God are One; that man is God embodied! (As we believe, so do we create!) We are all One, and God, is that One! It is this that the leaders of the major Religions of the World must come to see. For only they (the Shepherds) can influence their followers! Their 'flocks' will follow!

Until the World sees this, World peace will continue to elude humanity! Unless humanity comes to see that God is man's reality, all conversation pertaining to Peace will produce nothing but further conversation! The masses, did not listen to what God's son said when He told them, 'Ye are Gods '! 'If I do not the work of my Father, believe me not, but if I do, though ye believe not me, believe the works; that ye may know and believe, that the Father (God) is in me and I in Him'! (St. John 10: 34-38.) Until the whole of humanity sees and acknowledges God, (the "I" within us) as our reality; until we choose to repent of our ways and choose to walk in our Divine identity (in our I am that I am identity); we will not only condemn ourselves to a continuing life of hate, fear, misery and uncertainty; we will obliterate ourselves from the face of the Earth through hatred for our fellow man! So I appeal to the Worlds Religious Elite, in the name of Jesus Christ. Bury your pride and self interests for the good of the whole; for the well being of all living things; that Gods 'Kingdom' may finally come on Earth, as it is in Heaven! Let us acknowledge God as the "I" within us! Let us (the whole of humanity) repent, as did the people of Ninevah in the book of Jonah; 'that we perish not'! There is no time left to argue and contemplate if we should or should not, for in 'Gods time', we are in the last 'minutes'! And there is no alternative! Either we choose to live together as 'sons and daughters' of God, in Peace and harmony, or die together as 'men'. It's as simple as that!

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